Count cells that contain numbers

There are simple ways to count cells containing numbers in Excel. We can do it using the COUNT function. It allows us to calculate numeric data regardless of the quantity of data on the spreadsheet. In this tutorial, we will learn how to count cells that contain numbers.

Figure 1: Example of How to Count Cells that Contain Numbers


=COUNT(range1, [range2..])

  • Range1
    The range here is the range where we want to count the cells containing numbers. This value is required.
  • [range2..]
    More ranges to count numbers from. This value is optional. Excel can count up to 255 ranges.

COUNT is a fully automatic function. It calculates the result by counting cells in the range containing numbers.

Setting up Data

In the following example, columns A, B and C contain some sample data. They contain text, numbers and logical values.

Figure 2: The Sample Data

To count the cells that contain numbers:
Go to cell E4.

  • Next, we need to click on Formulas>Insert Function. In the search box type COUNT and click Go.

Figure 3: Searching the COUNT Function

  • From the Select a Function box, we need to select COUNT and press Ok.
  • Then, we need to input the range. In this case, it will be the range A2 to C6.

Figure 4: Assigning the Range

  • Press Ok.

Now we will have the formula =COUNT(A2:C6) in cell E4. This will show the result 8 in cell E4.

The COUNT function offers a fast and effective way to count the cells containing numbers in Excel.  This function is especially important when we need to count numbers fast and on time.

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