Count cells that contain five characters

To count cells that contain five characters (or other specific amounts of characters) COUNTIF function can be utilized.


The formula to count cells that contain five characters is given below:



  •         rng represents a range of cells on which this operation is to be performed.
  •         “?” is a wildcard corresponding any sole number.


COUNTIF calculates the number of cells in a range that have five characters. This calculation is carried out by corresponding material present in each cell in opposition to the pattern “?????”. This pattern (“?????”) is provided as a criterion for COUNTIF. The function of this pattern is to count cells containing five characters. The result will be given in form of an integer.


In the example given below the name of different countries are inserted in cell range B4:B9. The formula to count cells that contain five characters inserted in G4 is mentioned below: (See screenshot)


Figure 1. Example of Count Cells that contain five characters

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