Count cells between two numbers

Want to learn more about how to count cells between two numbers using excel spreadsheet?? This post will give you an overview of how to use COUNTIFS  formula functions to Count all cells between two numbers using excel.

Syntax (Generic Formula)


In the general formula above, range represents a range of cells that contain numbers of the boundary, First “x” represents the lower boundary of the range, and second“y” represents the upper boundary of the range you want to count.

Example and how the COUNTIFS function works

The COUNTIFS function counts the total number of cells in the range that match the mentioned criteria.

Two numbers have been provided at that time. The Excel COUNTIFS function will check the range C5:C11 and find grade point that is in the range which put in the formula.

Figure 1. Example of count all cells between two numbers

To count all cells between two numbers, we can use the COUNTIFS function. In the example selected cell shown, the formula in F6 is:


This formula is very helpful when you don’t want the count of entire cells in a column or a particular range of cells but only the count all cells between two numbers.


If we want to count the values in a range/order that falls in between two numbers, then we need to use the COUNTIFS function in Excel. For example,  if we want to count how many students scored between 40 and 80, we can do so by using this function.

First, we understand the COUNTIF function in excel,

Syntax =COUNTIFS(criteria_range 1, criteria 1, [criteria_range 2, criteria 2]…)

The COUNTIFS function counts the cells in a range based on defined criteria. It is very easy and useful.

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