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Undo last action

We can undo our last action in a fast and easy way using shortcuts already embedded within our Excel application. In straightforward steps, we will learn how the “undo the last action” shortcut works.

Figure 1 – Example of the Undo last action

General Formula

Windows shortcut: Ctrl+Z

MAC Shortcut: +{

Setting up the Data

  • We will set up a data list as shown in figure 2
  • Groceries and Quantity will be entered in Columns B and C as displayed in the figure below.
  • We will enter our data up to Cell 10 (Soap).

Figure 2 – Setting up the data

Applying the Undo the Last action Shortcut

  • Cell B10 contains the last entered Data.
  • We will press the Windows undo shortcut below


Figure 3 – Applying the Undo last action shortcut

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