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Select all precedents

How to Select all precedents?

Excel provides you with a shortcut to select all precedents

Windows Shortcut


MAC Shortcut


What does select all precedents shortcut do?

When you select a formula and apply this shortcut, all the cells directly or indirectly related to that formula gets highlighted.

How to use the Shortcut to Select all Precedents?

Figure 1. Example 1 of Select all Precedents

In this example, you have a small table. Our purpose is to see which cells are the precedents of the formula that is applied on “Result” column.

  1. Select any cell from the Result column. In this case, it is E5.
  2. Press the shortcut keys i.e. Ctrl+Shift+{
  3. Cell C5 and D5 get highlighted.

Figure 2. Example 1 of Select all Precedents

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