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Lookup entire row

Lookup Entire Row

The lookup ENTIRE row function comes in handy when you want to find the value for certain rows in Excel. This function is especially important when you want to get a matched and uniform value for data. Getting the match value of a data could be a complex job without this function.


There are different types of syntaxes for the lookup function as seen above.


–  that is the generic formula

You can also use:  LOOKUP(value,lookup_range,[result_range])

More Explanation

The Excel LOOKUP function can also be very useful in returning a particular value from a targeted range. This range could be in a row, column or in any type of array. The LOOKUP is typified and tagged as a Reference/Lookup Function in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

When you are using the lookup function in a spreadsheet, you can simply input it as part of a bigger formula in a cell. The LOOKUP function is an easy way to getting the value of any row you want as fast and possible. It also positively affects your productivity when working on a spreadsheet.

For instance, we may want to check out the entire row or column in the spreadsheet containing the stock of a store.


Following the instance is given above, let’s try out the Lookup function on some rows in a spreadsheet.

Step 1

Supply the data for each cell, including the Order No, Names, Price & Quality.

Figure 1: Excel showing the values entered for each row.

Step 2

Now, let’s use this formula “= LOOKUP (10251, A1:A6, B1:B6)”. The Lookup entire row function returns all the results for each selected cell.

Figure 2. Enter the formula for Lookup entire row function.

Step 3

Tap Enter and the result will be displayed un a cell

Figure 3: Lookup entire row function returns all the results for each selected cell.


If you’re trying to get results for more than a cell, you’d be required to enter a different formula for a multi-cell array.


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