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How to Highlight Every Other Row in Excel

While working with excel spreadsheets, there might come a time when we want to highlight every other row, which is also called zebra stripping, with conditional formatting. To do this, we can use a formula that utilizes either the ISEVEN or ISODD function. This post will guide you on how to use the functions to highlight every other row in excel.

Figure 1: Highlighting every other row in excel

General syntax of the formula




Understanding the formula

This formula is fundamental in helping us highlight every other row with conditional formatting in excel. Note that the formula we use for conditional formatting will be evaluated for every cell in the selected range.

  • Here, we shall run the ISEVEN and ROW functions to highlight every other row.
  • The ROW function will return the number of the cell.
  • The ISEVEN function will then return TRUE if the row number is even or FALSE if the row number is odd.
  • The specified rule will then trigger the TRUE, and thus shade all even rows.

What if you want to shade odd rows?

Shading odd rows is pretty much the same as shading the even rows. However, in this case we shall use the ISODD function.

Example 1

Figure 2: Highlighting every other row with ISEVEN function

In this example, we want to highlight every other row using the ISEVEN function. To do this, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Select the sheet you want to highlight every other row

Step 2: Apply conditional formatting, and set the rule as =ISEVEN(ROW())

Step 3: Press ok to apply the rule.

Step 4: Run the rule.

Example 2

Figure 3: Using ISODD to highlight every other row

Here, we want to highlight every other odd row. The procedure is same as that for the ISEVEN function, only that we replace ISEVEN is ISODD.

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