Highlight dates that are weekends

Microsoft Excel is one of the commonly used tools for sorting out and categorizing lists according to specific criteria assigned to it. It enables a Microsoft Excel user to highlight dates that are weekends from an assorted list of items on Excel Spreadsheet. It should be familiar with using simple formula or function for validating the occurrence of the weekend on a specified date. Read on to find out that how you can highlight dates that are weekends using Excel.

Highlighting Dates that are Weekends Using Excel:

Figure 1. Example of highlighting dates that are weekend




There are seven days in a week, and out of the seven days, two or one specified days are commemorated as weekend days, depending on where you live. If a user is required to sort out and categorize weekend day for distinguishing it from the remainder of the weekdays then, it should utilize the OR function for highlighting dates that are weekends. The formula is simply to use. It requires a user to apply the function to a list of dates and its corresponding days, and Excel will validate the occurrence of a weekend day accordingly. Once the user enters the formula below a column or in front of a row and presses ENTER, Excel will return TRUE or FALSE for confirming the occurrence of a weekend day on a specified day or date.

How does the formula work?

As you can see in the example attached above, a user is required to schedule its activities and tasks as per the dates and days in a week. It has prepared a schedule in advance, so it could have clarity on its planning for the weekdays and weekend respectively. However, a user is required to determine the occurrence of a weekend day in the coming week, so it uses the given equation for highlighting the formula in the given list:


Figure 2. Example of highlighting dates that are weekends


As the task prescheduled for the weekend day in mentioned in C2 cell, and it is more likely to occur on Sunday, which is celebrated as a weekend then, the Excel will return TRUE in F2—indicating the validity of weekend day on the specified day.

The formula mentioned above uses OR function. It is one of the logical functions calibrated on Excel, and it is primarily used for assessing and confirming more than one condition at a time. When a user presses ENTER after applying the function to a specific row or column, it confirms the occurrence of a weekend day by highlighting it as TRUE or FALSE.

The OR function is versatile and universal, and it could be implanted as a logical function to miscellaneous functions. For instance, a user can use the OR function in combination with the IF functions, which saves the user from entering additional Ifs to the formula. Also, the formula can also be used in congruence with AND function for performing miscellaneous tasks.

On the contrary, if a formula is applied to the range of a column or row that mentions a weekday rather than a weekend day then, Excel will return FALSE in the corresponding column or row, which serves as an indication that a weekend day does not fall in the highlighted cell.

For instance, have a look at the given example. Here you can see that Excel has only highlighted (Sunday) at TRUE, whereas, it has highlighted the remaining of the days as FALSE.

Figure 3. Example of discarding the remaining weekdays that are not weekends

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