Excel DECIMAL function

Just as it is with using other different functions in Excel, there are also ways to use the DEVSQ function. This post will guide you on how to use the Excel DECIMAL function in Excel with syntax.


=DECIMAL (number, radix)


  • number – A string of alphanumeric characters you want to convert.
  • radix –  An integer within the range [2, 36] corresponding with the provided base.


Figure 1: Excel DECIMAL function


The Excel DECIMAL function receives an alpha-numeric integer/number in a specific base and returns its corresponding decimal value.

Listed below are some Base values and their corresponding alpha-numeric characters

Common Errors

  1.#NUM! – Occurs if:

  • The provided radix is less than 2 or greater than 36;
  • The provided text argument is unrecognized as a number in the specific radix.

  2. #VALUE! – Occurs if:

  • The provided text argument is above 255 characters long;
  • The provided base is non-numeric


  • The input string must contain only valid alpha-numeric characters that correspond to the base of the integer to be converted.
  • The Decimal function is not available in the earlier versions of Excel before 2013.
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