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Conditional formatting highlight target percentage

We can use multiple conditional formatting rules to highlight percentage values using different colors. With multiple conditional formatting, we can different rules each with its own threshold. This article provides a clear guide on how to use conditional formatting highlight target percentage.

Figure 1: Conditional formatting to highlight target percentage

General syntax of the formula

=A1>= X

=A1>= Y

=A1< Y

Understanding the formula

The formula above is fundamental when we want to highlight percentages values of different cells using different colors. We need to apply conditional formatting for us to get the various colors we want.

How the formula works

In figure 1 above, we have formatted the cells with the following colors;

=B5>=90% –Green

=B5>=80% -Yellow

=B580% -Pink

  • The first formula is first evaluated against each cell in the specified range B5:B12. Here, the formula will return TRUE for all those cells whose values are greater or equal to 90%. It will return a FALSE if the condition is not met.
  • The second formula is also evaluated against all the cells in range B5:B12. This formula returns TRUE if the values are greater or equals to 80%, and FALSE if the not. The cells that meet this condition are then filled with yellow.
  • The third formula is then evaluated against the cells in the range B5:B12 to check whether the values are less than 80%. If the condition is met, the formula shall return TRUE and the cells whose values are less than 80% are filled with pink.

Note that for the first two rules, we need to enable the “stop if true” option. This is to prevent further processing given that the rules are mutually exclusive.

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