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31 Free Excel Calendar Templates

If you’re looking for new ways to stay organized, a calendar or daily planner is a good start. Keeping your days, hours, and minutes filled with the right things will make you more productive, and Excel has several tools that can help. 

This is a versatile program, and you can create your own dynamic calendar in Excel to help you stay on track. Buy, why would you want to do this if there are already options available? There are dozens of free Excel calendar templates that you download to manage your schedule. 

Whether you’d like to see the entire year at a glance, a whole month, or just a single week at a time, there are free calendar templates that will meet your needs. Some are created for the current year, and others are customizable for any year. 

Couple using a calculator and laptop together.

A free calendar template can help you keep your household on track.

The calendars we list here are suitable for a variety of needs from personal to academic to business. Some include common holidays while others are completely blank. One of the benefits of using calendars that were created in Excel is that you can customize the formatting and other options. 

As with anything related to Excel, you don’t have to struggle with these templates on your own. If you need help with formatting or troubleshooting an issue, Excelchat is standing by to assist. Here are 31 free Excel calendar templates that you can download now. 

Monthly Calendar Templates

A traditional monthly calendar is a format that many people use to stay organized. In this view, you’ll see an entire month at one time and can make notes about appointments or other reminders. 

1.-3. Smartsheet offers a variety of free calendar templates for download. They have a full-year monthly calendar template for 2019 and another for 2020. If you want to go further out, there is a free 12-month calendar template available for download, where you simply choose the weekday and year to start your calendar and the dates will adjust. 

4. There is also a free blank monthly calendar template for Excel from smartsheet that doesn’t include dates. Weeks go from Sunday to Saturday, and you can use this for any month of any year. 

5. Microsoft Office has a free monthly calendar template for download that lets you customize the date. It does not, however, appear to include major holidays. 

6. This free monthly calendar template from Trump Excel allows you to select the year you want in the first box and then choose the month from a drop-down box. 

7. This 2020 monthly calendar template for Excel is free to download from Vertex42. Each month is on a different worksheet. It is a theme-enabled template, meaning you can modify the colors and fonts of the calendar easily. 

Full Year Calendar Templates

It’s often helpful to view your entire year in a single sheet. This is useful for long-term planning, whether it be for vacations, budgeting, or business projects. Fortunately, there are a variety of Excel full-year calendar templates for this purpose. 

8.-9. This free yearly calendar template from smartsheet provides a different way of viewing an entire year. Each month is viewed horizontally across an entire row. There is also a list of major U.S. holidays at the bottom. This is available to download for 2019 or 2020

10. You can download a free yearly calendar template for Excel from Vertex42 that allows you to enter the year and starting month as well as choose the start day of the week.

11. also has a free yearly calendar template that allows you to see a full year at a glance in a more traditional monthly format. 

12. Trump Excel offers a free full-year calendar template that includes highlighting for weekends and holidays. Even better, you simply enter the year you want in the top box and the entire calendar updates. 

Person looking at charts and graphs.

The right Excel calendar template can help your business achieve its goals.

Weekly Calendar Templates

What if you’d rather see everything a week at a time? Fortunately, there are planners and calendar templates for that. 

13.-14. This free weekly calendar template with holidays from smartsheet makes it simple to view each week and has all major U.S. holidays included for 2019 or 2020. You can increase the size of the space you have to work with for each week simply by making each row larger. 

15. Smartsheet also offers a free blank weekly calendar template for Excel that can be used for any year. There are no dates included but rather four weeks for each month and then seven cells across for each weekday, going from Sun-Sat. 

16.-17. The last free weekly planning calendar template from smartsheet has dates included and has separate tabs for each week of the month. There is space in each day to put appointments as well as “notes” section to the right for additional reminders or information. This is available for 2019 and 2020

18. offers a free weekly calendar template for Excel. You can enter the dates of your week at the top, and it shows just a five-day week (Mon-Fri) across the page. The days are then broken down into 30-minute increments for planning. 

19. Vertex42 offers a free weekly schedule template for Excel. You simply enter the start date at the top, and the schedule is broken down by seven days, from Monday through Friday, with blocks for Morning, Afternoon, and Evening appointments or tasks. 

Daily Planner Calendar Templates

If you need to take a more granular approach to your planning and view things by the hour or even minute, you’ll probably want to use a daily planner template instead. 

20. This free daily planner template for Excel from smartsheet allows you to choose the start and end time for your day as well as the time intervals. You can use this to keep track of your appointments and make notes about places to visit, people to connect with, and things to do on the following days. 

21. Microsoft Office offers a free blank daily calendar template for Excel. Days are broken down into 30-minute increments, beginning at 7 AM, and there is also a to-do list. 

22. You can download a free daily calendar template from that breaks down each day (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) into 30-minute intervals. 

Quarterly Calendar Templates

You might stay organized in three-month increments, particularly if you are a business. A quarterly calendar allows you to view three months at one time so that you can make appropriate plans. 

23. Calendarpedia offers a free quarterly calendar template for Excel. This 2019 template has three months across on each page and includes major U.S. holidays. 

24.-25. These free quarterly calendar templates from smartsheet show three months at a time, side by side with dates displayed in rows. They also include all major U.S. holidays. This free Excel template is available for either 2019 or 2020

Planner calendar displayed on laptop.

Live chat sessions are available for Excel template customization and troubleshooting.

Academic Calendar Templates

Students have a particularly strong need to stay as organized as possible. There are classes to attend, assignments to complete, and exams to pass. These free Excel academic calendar templates and planners can help. 

26. This free academic calendar template from Calendarpedia goes from September 2019 to August 2020. It has the months along the top of the spreadsheet and the days vertically. It also includes all major U.S. holidays. 

27-28. Smartsheet offers a free Excel academic calendar template for either 2019 or 2020. The weeks go from Monday through Sunday. 

Employee Calendar Templates

Many generic calendar templates can be used for business purposes, and others are specifically geared towards the workplace. These free Excel calendar templates were designed to be used by employees, business professionals, and shift workers. 

29. Smartsheet offers a free bi-weekly work calendar template. It shows a two-week period, with each week running from Sunday through Saturday. The days are broken down into morning, afternoon, and evening blocks, and there is space for reminders and to-dos.

30.-31. If you need to keep track of employee schedules, you can do this with smartsheet’s free employee calendar template. This allows you to record the start and end times of employee shifts as well as employee names, pay rates, and ID numbers. This is available for 2019 and 2020

An Excel calendar can help you document deadlines, track tasks, and stay up to date on important tasks. But what if one of these templates is close to what you need but not quite right? Excelchat is available to provide friendly and professional assistance around the clock. 

One of our Excel experts can help you customize an Excel template, troubleshoot an error, or provide some other problem-specific assistance. Your first session is always free. 


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