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Excel Pivot Table Examples – Pivot Table Tutorial, Create Pivot Table, Pivot Table Columns

Pivot tables are powerful tools in Excel that allow you to quickly summarize a set of data into a more meaningful table or report. In short, this is a summary of your larger set of data, and a pivot table does nothing to change the underlying figures. 

Whether you want to learn how to use pivot tables through tutorials and example or need to solve an issue with a pivot table, Excelchat can help. This is a list of the pivot table tutorials available on Excelchat and what they cover. As always, you can get immediate assistance with any Excel-related issue through a live chat session. 

Computer keyboard keys labeled pivot table.

These tutorials will help you learn and troubleshoot pivot tables in Excel.

The Procedure for Calculating a Percentage in a Pivot Table

This tutorial shows the reader how to calculate the percentage in a pivot table. Specifically, it shows how to use a pivot table that is set up to summarize data and then put a calculate field inside for a percentage with an example. 

Instructions for Sorting a Pivot Table by Two Columns

This piece explains how you can sort the data in your pivot table by two or more columns. It gives an example pivot table and then shows the procedure for sorting two columns using several different methods. 

Instructions for Transposing Pivot Table Data

There are different ways to express your data in a pivot table, and this tutorial shows how to transpose your data. It provides not only a sample walk-through but also a video tutorial. 

Correcting the Source Reference not Valid Error in a Pivot Table

If you get an error in your pivot table that says “Data source reference is not valid,” this guide can help you figure out what went wrong and fix the issue. It provides a checklist for troubleshooting and illustrations. 

Microsoft Excel warning box Data source reference is not valid.

Learn how to fix the ‘data source reference is not valid’ error in a pivot table.

How to Create Calculated Fields in a Pivot Table

You can enhance the way your pivot table functions with calculated fields, which do calculations within your pivot table. This guide explains how these work and shows the reader how to create calculated fields in a pivot table. 

How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel

This is a high-level piece that serves as a guide to creating pivot tables in Excel. It takes the reader step-by-step through creating a pivot table, placing data fields, filtering a pivot table, summarizing field values, and grouping pivot tables. 

How to Update a Pivot Table in Excel

When you make changes to the underlying data, you might want your pivot table to update as well. Since it’s not always automatic, this guide shows you how to update your pivot table manually. 

How to Create a Pivot Table in Google Sheets

Pivot tables work in Google Sheets as well as in Excel. This piece explains any differences between the two and guides the reader on creating a pivot table in Google Sheets with an example and illustrations. 

Google sheet with Data tab open.

Find out how to create pivot tables in Google Sheets.

Find Summation Over a District Category in an Excel Pivot Table

Pivot tables help you create summaries of data in Excel. This tutorial shows you how to find the summation of a particular category in an Excel pivot table. It explains how to do this through an example and illustrations. 

Working with a Calculated Field in an Excel Pivot Table

This piece is a guide on working with calculated fields in a pivot table. It explains that these are used to create calculations within a pivot table and gives several examples of doing this with illustrations. 

Learn How to Apply Conditional Formatting in a Pivot Table

If you want to format only certain data in your pivot table, you can use conditional formatting. This tutorial shows how to apply conditional formatting within an Excel pivot table and includes examples as a guide. 

How to Sort Data in a Pivot Table

Pivot tables are supposed to help you make better sense of your data, and one way of doing this by sorting. This piece explains the various ways to sort data within a pivot table and include examples. 

Excel sheet with sort box open.

This tutorial deals with the different ways to sort data in a pivot table.

Find Out How to Delete a Pivot Table

Do have a pivot table that you want or need to delete? If so, this tutorial explains how to delete an Excel pivot table. There are several ways to do this, and the examples illustrate these methods. 

How to Create a Pivot Table with VBA in Excel

Pivot tables are simple enough to create with Excel’s tools, but you can also create a pivot table with VBA. This piece explains how to use VBA to create a pivot table in Excel, and includes illustrations. 

Here is Why Your Next Pivot Table Should Have a Dynamic Range

If your pivot table doesn’t have a dynamic range, it won’t automatically update, and changes to the source data can create errors. This tutorial explains the value of creating a dynamic range for your pivot table and shows how to accomplish this.

How to Create a Pivot Table from Multiple Worksheets

This piece serves as a guide on creating a pivot table from multiple worksheets. It includes an example with several illustrations. 

Pivot table and Pivot Chart wizard box.

You can also create a pivot table from multiple worksheets in Excel.

How to Format the Values of Numbers in a Pivot Table

When you set up your pivot table, the cells will need to be formatted correctly for it to work. This tutorial explains and shows how to format the values within a pivot to meet your needs. 

How to Group Pivot Table Data in Excel

Excel allows you to group the data that you have in a pivot table so that it is easier to summarize and analyze. This piece shows how to set up your pivot table data and then create these groupings. 

If you still need additional help with Excel pivot tables, you won’t have to figure this out on your own. Excelchat has friendly and knowledgeable Excel experts standing by that can help you learn any function in Excel or troubleshoot a bothersome issue. 

We are available around the clock and offer one-on-one assistance. Your first session is always free. 


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