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Excel Percentage Examples – Excel percentage formula, Excel percentage change

Excel provides several ways to calculate a percentage. These can be frustrating to work with because not everyone remembers the formula to produce a percentage or find the percentage change between two numbers. 

Whether you are trying to learn the Excel percentage formula, find the percentage of a total, calculate the percentage change, or find the amount or total as a percent, there is a way to do this in Excel. These are the different percentage tutorials available on Excelchat that can walk you through these processes step-by-step.

You can also ask for one-on-one help at any time from an Excel expert to learn any aspect of the program or troubleshoot an issue. 

Percent symbol.

Learn how to calculate percentages in Excel with these Excelchat tutorials.

How to Calculate the Percent Variance in Excel

This tutorial explains how you can calculate the proportional change between two figures in Excel. It provides the formula for calculating the variance and then walks the reader through several examples with illustrations. 

Decrease by Percentage

Do you need to figure out how much something has decreased or increased as a percentage in Excel? This piece explains how to accomplish this. First, it provides the reader with the formula, and then there is a walk-through with an example and illustrations. 

Get Profit Margin by Percentage

If you’re in business, you’ll want to use Excel to calculate your gross profit margin percentage. This tutorial explains how to do this. It gives the reader the generic formula and an explanation and then provides a detailed example. 

Screenshot of excel sheet with Profit Margin 12% highlighted.

Get the Original Price from a Percentage Discount in Excel

Another business use involving percentages is to derive the original price of an item from a percentage discount using Excel. This piece shows how to accomplish this task by providing the formula and then giving an example with illustrations. 

How to Calculate a Project Complete Percentage in Excel

When working on a project, you’ll likely want to track your progress. A useful metric is the percentage completion rate, which utilizes the COUNTA function. This piece explains how to use this function to produce your project completion success rate in Excel. 

How to Calculate Percent of Goal

This tutorial provides a walk-through of calculating the percentage of goal in Excel using simple formulas. It not only provides the formula and an example with illustrations, but there is also a video tutorial provided as an additional guide. 

Excel sheet with Percent of Goal highlighted.

Were you able to find the answers you needed with these Excel percentage examples and tutorials? Whether you found them lacking or just want a quicker solution, Excelchat also has the option of instant help through its live chat service. 

A knowledgeable and friendly Excel expert will guide you through any operation or help you troubleshoot a specific issue. Even better, they’re available around the clock for fast assistance. Your first session is always free. 


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