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Learn How to Find a Median if Your Data Meets Certain Criteria

We can use a formula that combines the MEDIAN and IF functions to find the median of a set of data if the values meet a criteria. The steps below will walk through the process.

Figure 1- How to Find the Median if Data Meets Certain Criteria



  • logical_test: This is the criteria that must be met for the median function to operate
  • value_if_true: This is the returned result by the IF Function that tells the median function that the criteria is met and median function can operate
  • value_if_false: This is the opposite of value_if_true



Setting up the Data

Contractors have placed their bids for two separate projects in a company. The manager intends to find the median bid for Project A and Project B


  • We will insert the Project names and Bids in Column B and Column C


  • Our result will be returned in Column F

Figure 2 – Setting up the Data

Median if Data Meets Certain Criteria

  • We will click on Cell F5
  • We will insert the formula below into Cell F5
  • Because this is an array formula, we will press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER

Figure 3- Median if Data Meets Certain Criteria

  • We will click on Cell F5 again
  • We will double click on the fill handle tool which is the small plus sign you see at the bottom right of Cell F5. Select and drag down to copy the formula to Cell F6.

Figure 4- Result of Median if Data Meets Certain Criteria

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Celeste Oddoye
Celeste Oddoye

Hello! I’m trying to find the median amount of time for how long it has taken for people to pick up packages from our front desk in the office. I have the data showing the times that packages were received, and the times when they were picked up, but I’m not sure how to find the median. Could you please help? What further information would you like me to provide, please?

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