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I am working on excel, a spreadsheet. I am trying to insert a row within my spreadsheet but without luck. Can you help me? Thank you
Solved by I. J. in 19 mins
I need a formula that matches names in two sheets and when a match occurs on sheet 1, it inputs the phone number from the same row of the match on sheet 1 to sheet 2.
Solved by B. W. in 20 mins
Hi, I need a formula to work out how many values are less than a certain time value, simple "countif" do not work as it is a filtered spreadsheet. Here's the formula that I have got so far: SUMPRODUCT(SUBTOTAL(3,OFFSET(Current_Month!N$2:N$10000,ROW(Current_Month!N$2:N$10000)-MIN(ROW(Current_Month!N$2:N$10000)),,1)),--(Current_Month!N$2:N$10000>"24:0:0")
Solved by K. L. in 30 mins
hi, my vlookup wont work in some rows but does in others. its temperemental. e.g it will work on rows 10 to 15, then not row 16 and 17, but the will for the rest.
Solved by K. Q. in 21 mins
I have 2 files. I want to find exact zip code matches, and then find similar hospital names for those that have a zip code match, and then return a number from a different cell in the row.
Solved by M. H. in 39 mins
I have a Problem with a formula on an excel spreadsheet. We have a spreadsheet we keep track of items checked in and out of. I have made a formula for one of the cells that is simple "=(cellB-cellD)" I want it to auto-fill the formula as we add rows. I pasted the formula to the collum. That ended up with a ) placed in the Collum all the way down the sheet filling the sheet. Now we cannot insert new rows. we also like to sort out all the rows that have returned all their items but when we do that it takes away all the blank row so we can no longer add new rows to the spreadsheet. I am sure there is something simple I did wrong could you please help me figure it out.
Solved by A. A. in 59 mins