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I have a file with two sheets. On the 1st, I have dollars in O13and in O16 a number signifying 1-6 people. On the second workbook is a matrix that corresponds to the dollar amount AND the number of people. For example, sheet 1 O13 is $6,000. O16 is 3. I want a formula to find $6,000 (not higher) on sheet 2 in column A. Then I want it to compare sheet 1 O16 to the correct column (B-G representing 1-6) on sheet 2 for an exact match to place in sheet1 O17. The range of sheet1 O13 is referenced on sheet2 A5-A383, and sheet 1 O16 is referenced on sheet2 B5:G383. I have an INDEX Match but it isn't quite working, yet.
Solved by B. B. in 60 mins
Hello, I am working with two workbooks. I am trying to get specific information from one onto the other using 3 criteria. I currently using a index match formula. Both sheets have the same information but one has a response that I am trying to match and populate onto the new report. However, instead of looking up the actual value of the cell - its matching the location and giving me whats in that cell. =INDEX('[Arrow OOR - 9-11-18.xlsx]Response'!$A:$L,MATCH(1,(A:A=A4)*(B:B=B4)*(F:F=F4),0),12)
Solved by I. C. in 52 mins
I have an index match match formula that isnt working for part of the data. Would you be able to assist with this?
Solved by E. U. in 20 mins
I am trying to perform a vlookup or index match for a large data set. Normally I rely on vlookup but it is giving me data from the wrong column whatever I do. I have tried to move to vlookup and it is doing exactly the same thing. Do you have any tips?
Solved by O. W. in 27 mins