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I would like to use some sort of lookup to generate data based on a dropdown list value.
Solved by T. W. in 8 mins
I have the following formula =IF(G5>20,0,LOOKUP(G5,'0-1 pump'!A4:A22,'0-1 pump'!L4:L22)) I would like to replace '0-1 pump'!A4:A22 and 0-1 pump'!L4:L22 to automatically link with an indirect function to these columns but in different worksheets depending on a list of worksheet names in a cell.
Solved by C. L. in 18 mins
How can I use lookup in excel for analysis the data
Solved by I. J. in 20 mins
Need help with lookup when you have multiple lookup values
Solved by V. J. in 20 mins
V lookup formula to populate fields based on a criteria
Solved by V. U. in 20 mins
I have a complex lookup formula but don't know why it isn't working now.
Solved by T. C. in 7 mins
Use the HLOOKUP function in cell H11 to calculate freight cost based on the shipping class and state to which the shipment is going. Freight Cost can be referenced on the "Freight Cost" lookup table (range E5:N8). Be sure to use appropriate relative and absolute cell references. Hint: You will need to use a function within the HLOOKUP function to determine the appropriate row.
Solved by X. C. in 12 mins
need help with lookup when i have multiple lookup values. Plz help me
Solved by V. U. in 58 mins
How do I lookup and return an answer to a formula when I want it to do a partial match? Say one spreadsheet has spf1234 and I want it to pull in an answer matching just "1234".
Solved by B. W. in 19 mins
I need a formula to do a lookup from one text list and deliver a text result
Solved by O. J. in 8 mins
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