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I need a formula to say the following: if > then 110 then *1.5 if less < 110 then 110
Solved by G. Q. in 20 mins
hello, i am a web developer with woocomerce. i am finishing off a large (ish) store and are looking to give him a launch present. I have an excell spreadsheet of the product data, 600 row, 60 columns. I want each cell to have a colour depending on the number held, use as an hex value, i dont mind really. If its text then a one colour, if an empty cell another. I am kind of looking like the DNA of the shop.
Solved by X. D. in 11 mins
Hi I want to format cells if they are lesser/lower than a specified date. It would be a great help if I get a solution as soon as possible
Solved by K. B. in 23 mins
I have a spreadsheet with a lot of columns and want a cell in each row that will have a comma-separated list of the columns that have data. Essentially, I think I need to create multiple "IF" functions within a cell that will output comma separated text based on whether a column is blank or not.
Solved by K. L. in 27 mins
If cell b2 = 56 c3 needs to return A* If cell b2 =50 c3 needs to return A and so on. How can I combine this into one formula
Solved by I. Y. in 22 mins
I need a formula where s36 = 1 if a10=s7 and c10=any value?
Solved by G. J. in 13 mins
I need a formula that sums two separate column and two separate cells and only shows an answer if the resulting number is between 0 and 365 ie L2-G2 but only show the answer if it is between 0 and 365. Thanks
Solved by V. E. in 40 mins
Would like to know how use the filter in excel with AND instead of OR So filtering three columns with a 0 and 1 and asking that all three show up if at least one has a number 1
Solved by B. E. in 20 mins
excel if x>=Y then display Y if x<= Y then display X or 0
Solved by K. U. in 18 mins
I want to check if the value in the excel activeCell is "Jan" and if this is so I want to check all the columns of the row
Solved by G. H. in 20 mins
1 2 60 61 62