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I got an error message "reference isn't valid" I was trying to group two objects when it happened. The error message has me locked up. If I close it and click on anything else in excel it pops up again
Solved by G. D. in 58 mins
how to apply incremental charges if any amount increased Suppose A1 contains 175000 and after every increment of 50000 we have to charge $40. How do we do it
Solved by X. U. in 20 mins
Do I have to pay for a solution ? I just wasted time with another help desk that asked for $46 for an answer. If that is the case, thanks anyway.
Solved by X. U. in 18 mins
i am trying to make a box change colors based on another boxes value. the issue is I need it to change based on multiple boxes depending on which one is most recent. example, box c4 is white unless box f4 is red, then it turns red as well, however if box g4 is green then c4 is no longer red but instead turns back to white.
Solved by C. Q. in 51 mins
I have 3 columns e.g.: Due Offered Actual 16/05/19 16/04/19 10/05/19 What I need is if the "Offered" date is after the "Due" date the box changes colour. Sadly I cannot seem to figure out the formula for the variables. I'd also need "Actual" to do a similar thing based on due date.
Solved by T. D. in 22 mins
I want a formula which says if x =" y" or "z" or "whatever" multiple a by either "x" or "y" but get a VALUE error- any ideas? =PRODUCT(IF('Historical data'!I5="Research Associate",Costs!$B$18*'Historical data'!F5),PRODUCT(IF('Historical data'!I5="Senior Research Associate A",Costs!$C$18*'Historical data'!F5),PRODUCT(IF('Historical data'!I5="Senior Research Associate B",Costs!$D$18*'Historical data'!F5),PRODUCT(IF('Historical data'!I5="Freelancers",Costs!$E$18*'Historical data'!F5),PRODUCT(IF('Historical data'!I5="Research Director",Costs!$F$18*'Historical data'!F5),PRODUCT(IF('Historical data'!I5="Company Director",Costs!$G$18*'Historical data'!F5),PRODUCT(IF('Historical data'!I5="Managing Director",Costs!$H$18*'Historical data'!F5),"")))))))
Solved by V. Y. in 20 mins
If I want to write a formula that states" "If this name shows up K24, and this word shows up in J24 pull this number from M24" I can creat that formula - however I need to drag this down so it pulls from row 24 - 60 - is there way to do this?
Solved by F. D. in 40 mins
Im trying to get the following to work. 2 sheets. Sheet 1 Box A1 has a name. Sheet 1 Box A2 has a date. If the date in Box A2 is in the future, the name from A1 appears on Sheet 2, box A1 If the date in Box A2 is in the past, the name from A1 does not appear I've just tried, but the helped had all data on one sheet
Solved by M. F. in 20 mins
I would like to create the following 2 formulas within a workbook: Formula 1: Display this month's pay dates (starting from 3/24/2018 and every other Friday thereafter) in cells E4, F4 (and if applicable, cell G4). Formula 2: If any day of the month listed in cells E6 - E 16 falls after the date listed in E4, highlight red the row that lists the date. (I will duplicate this for F4 to affect cells E18-E42). I am not sure how to proceed.
Solved by E. H. in 40 mins
hello I am trying to sum the values in a multi column and multi roq array if the column is equal to a certain value and the row is equal to a certain value
Solved by I. Q. in 40 mins
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