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0%(-26%) how can i put conditional formatting considering values in bracket eg. i want to put red if bracket value is negative despite whatever is 1st value
Solved by X. C. in 18 mins
I need help with conditional formatting to highlight a cell if any of the names appear in a column list of names
Solved by O. J. in 20 mins
Hi I am looking for help on conditional formatting I have two ranges of 11 cells and I would like a singular cell in the first range to flash red if it less than the bottom range, could you please assist?
Solved by D. L. in 20 mins
Yes hello Im looking for help on conditional formatting I currently have a conditional format for D9>D32 and so on from D9:S20. I need to add an if statement that references cell D4 if the first four characters are 1358 for the rule to apply can you please assist?
Solved by Z. U. in 20 mins
I have a file in which I need to somehow use a conditional formatting for the same names of the data available, or if there is any other way to calculate the frequency of one particular name appearing.
Solved by K. F. in 51 mins
Hello, I need help with conditional formatting. My issue: I have a delivery schedule that I need to track. If the order is created between 00:41 and 01:40, delivery time must be by 02:55. If the order time is between 01:41 and 02:40, delivery time must be by 03:55, and so on throughout the day 24hr. I need help creating a format that will highlight anything delivered past its scheduled time . Thanks.
Solved by B. J. in 26 mins
I need a formula to find similarities in one column of excel data (12,000 rows) that would clearly indicate the cells that are extremely similar to another cell, even if not a direct match. I tried fuzzylookup and that would not work as well as the conditional formatting rules.
Solved by T. C. in 20 mins
I have data importing from a program, and I want to use the Conditional Formatting Tool to set up a rule to highlight any given values that do not fit the requirements. I was wondering if there's a way to set up an excel page that has these rules set up, so when the data is imported, it automatically will be highlighted if the rule is commanded. I only have been able to import data onto another sheet, and had to set the rules up after the data is imported.
Solved by C. B. in 20 mins
Hi there im just wondering if it would be possible to create a conditional formatting that allows you to click on a point in a scatter plot and have it highlight a row/cell of data?
Solved by A. H. in 20 mins
neeeeed helppp in a sheet I want to use conditional formatting with multiple criteria it is a difficult taks please answer if you can do that asap please
Solved by C. B. in 9 mins
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