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I have a sheet with lots of IFERROR and VLOOKUP formulas. If I want to add two VLOOKUP formulas together, how do I create an IFERROR if no value is returned?
Solved by D. S. in 18 mins
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Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:30
Hi, hope you are doing well today!
User 22/07/2017 - 02:30
This is my current formula. I'm adding two VLOOKUP values together and dividing by two. I want to create an IFERROR if no value is returned.
User 22/07/2017 - 02:30
=(VLOOKUP($G4,'C Round 24'!$D:$M,10,FALSE)+(VLOOKUP($G4,'C Round 24'!$S:$AB,10,FALSE)))/2
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:30
Please give me a few minutes, I will try to find some material example for you
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:31
Please try to read the following link and see if you think this is helpful:https://exceljet.net/excel-functions/excel-iferror-function
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:32
Here is the second link:https://exceljet.net/formula/multiple-chained-vlookups
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:32
I think the 2nd one really can answer the question that you have
User 22/07/2017 - 02:33
Not exactly. Are you able to fix the formula for me? Those involve nested formulas where one task is provided, then if there's an error, it moves to the next one. That's not what I'm trying to do here.
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:35
could you please let me know what error msg you get for this formula?
User 22/07/2017 - 02:42
I don't get an error from that formula. That one works. I just don't know how to add the IFERROR part. When I try, its says there are two few arguments.
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:42
Yes. I believe it will work similar as IF function
User 22/07/2017 - 02:43
Can you send me the example?
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:43
which means, you will need to define 3 parameters rather than 2
User 22/07/2017 - 02:44
OK, it's working without dividing by two.
User 22/07/2017 - 02:44
=IFERROR(VLOOKUP($G5,'C Round 24'!$D:$M,2,FALSE)+(VLOOKUP($G5,'C Round 24'!$S:$AB,2,FALSE)),"-")
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:45
IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A1,table,2,FALSE),"Not found")
User 22/07/2017 - 02:45
Now, how do I add then divide the two VLOOKUP values by two
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:45
What is "$G5,'C "
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:45
I'm not sure what that does
User 22/07/2017 - 02:46
It's looking back to the cell G5 for the name listed.
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:46
Also, please double check the brackets that you added
Excelchat Expert 22/07/2017 - 02:47
Then, you will need to look at the logic that you designed
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