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Vlookup is not working... need to check my formatting?
Solved by O. F. in 17 mins
I need assistance completing the following: 2. Continuing with the “Database” worksheet, follow the steps below: * Use the VLOOKUP formula to populate industry descriptions into the field “INDUSTRY DESC.” Industry codes and descriptions can be found in the “Database Glossary” tab. * PASTE SPECIAL the values in the “INDUSTRY DESC.” field back over the cells (to overwrite the formulas). * Use the COUNTIF formula (to the right of the table) to count the cells in column “I” where the error “value not available” occurred. (Tip: in the “criteria” field, make it “=#N/A”)
Solved by G. H. in 15 mins
In excel I use VLOOKUP to access an array in a separate workbook. Both workbooks are in the cloud using EXCEL ON-LINE - I have been unable to write a VLOOKUP formula. How can I do this?
Solved by X. F. in 20 mins
I need to do a "fuzzy" index match or vlookup, but I am having trouble getting the wildcards to work. And I want to be able to do this without the fuzzy lookup add in, because I want to write a macro for this.
Solved by T. H. in 20 mins
Hi, I have an excel sheet with 1000 products with their description and different prices all their info, this gets updated every month. Is there a way I can pull data from that sheet to another sheet? On the other sheet I have different rows, I want to be able to type in the item number and the description to automatically appear, coming from the excel sheet with all the product info. VLOOKUP does not work for this.
Solved by Z. S. in 19 mins
Hello, I would like help with TAB "Data NWA and Budget OOMs" to modify the following formula in Column M, row 34 =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($O34,'Data - Pivot Hrs Cost'!$A:$D,4,0),"")
Solved by C. H. in 26 mins
I have a spreadsheet where I am trying to compile data per account line over multiple worksheets, sum together, and put the total on a summary. I can do a vlookup and find the data on one sheet but having trouble summing that with each additional worksheet.
Solved by S. Q. in 18 mins
Hello, in the attached spreadsheet, I will be pasting data from a separate source in the "Sheet 2" tab. I need to have the student numbers on "Sheet 2" pull the corresponding student name (first and last), room (column I), Grade Level (column W) and Course (column F) found on "Sheet 1". The results of this search can be displayed on either Sheet 2 or a new sheet (Sheet 3). Also, Sheet 1 has multiple rows associated with a single name. I will need to pull the class connected to "01-01" in Column L (PRDS). I attempted to use the VLOOKUP feature but continued to receive errors. Please help!
Solved by V. W. in 15 mins
Vlookup to return the 'correct" number and how to collect value in times
Solved by K. J. in 30 mins
Trying to drag down an vlookup formula. it pulling the formula down but keeps saying the same as the first item?
Solved by F. E. in 28 mins