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I have multiple cells constricted with data validation that I want to use a VLOOKUP formula for to pull data based on all 4 restrictions.
Solved by E. Q. in 29 mins
I have two tbs OLD and NEW, I want my VLOOKUP to use the SITE ID to copy over invoice details for site visit, FC drawing, EME, DC6 stage 1 and DC6 stage 2 columns. I can't get the formula to update for each cell, it just drops down the one invoice number.
Solved by O. J. in 28 mins
I need helps for excel problems from my school lesson. Solve the short three question and explain the problem solving. These are the questions. 1.1 Count the number of complaints initiated in May concerning the product family PF10 (using SUMPRODUCT with other possible formulas). 1.2 Display the name(s) of product family complained by the customer C9 as a wrong product (using VLOOKUP formula with other possible formulas). 1.3 Give the monthly average of complaints about the product family identified in the task 1.2 (using formulas).
Solved by E. U. in 27 mins
Hello I am looking to use VLOOKUP to return certain column data out of an array. Outside of a table this is what I have been using: =VLOOKUP($B2,Sheet2!($A$8:$H$48,Column(B8),FALSE) and then dragged the formula across and down the page. This is fine, as the lookup locks to B. However, when in a table with named ranges, I cannot drag the formula across as the initial reference keep changing as I drag across. =VLOOKUP([@sampleid],[Book1]Sheet1!$A$8:$H$48,COLUMN(B8),FALSE) The initial [@sampleid] needs to be locked, I assumed with $ but nowhere i put it allows the formula to function... how do I lock this reference in a table?
Solved by S. Y. in 18 mins
I need to use the formula VLOOKUP in order to get information off of one sheet to another and I don't know how.
Solved by X. L. in 21 mins
Need some help with a Vlookup formula to fill in information between cells
Solved by T. J. in 20 mins
Vlookup formula is not working after destination port as I want to self populate the gray cells after destination selection.
Solved by M. S. in 15 mins
In the PRICE column (this price per item), create a formula using the VLOOKUP, to grab the price of the item typed into the ITEM column, but, wait, take 10% off if the QTY is 5 or more! See next page for a more complete list with Item prices for quantities above 5, and below 5. Note that we are only interested in the price per item. Later a Total column can be added to simply multiply the price * qty.
Solved by S. H. in 27 mins
This spreadsheet was given to me by my employer to determine preticable mileage around town, but the formula is incorrect. I am trying to figure out how to fix the formula, which is listed below: =IF(AND(ISBLANK(B21),NOT(ISBLANK(C21))),VLOOKUP(C20,Sheet2!$A$2:$AA$27,MATCH(C21,Sheet2!$A$1:$A$27,1)),"")
Solved by T. Q. in 22 mins
Simple formula in case a cell is blank to go wtih an existing vlookup formula
Solved by M. E. in 22 mins