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An hour ago i requested for a macro to fix the date and time issue of my chart so that the current date and time would show up whenever i entered something into column b the expert was nice but after a while of using it seems to have stopped working but every time i re download the macro-version of my chart it works i just want a checkup and hopefully a fix. (PS, just noticed this cannot take macro enabled excel files so i had to switch it to normal hopefully that's not a problem)
Solved by Z. Y. in 29 mins
Based on the data I provide, we need to first group the hour in chunks of 36 hours. and then create a heat map. Can you help me?
Solved by A. D. in 17 mins
Hello! I need to create a labour hour tracker spreadsheet for our 24-some employees that tracks their weekly, monthly, and yearly totals (this includes categories such as straight time, OT, sick days, etc). The problem is that my boss wants something where if I need to add an employee, I don't need to go back in and change all the formulas. I would appreciate any help!
Solved by B. H. in 25 mins
Good morning! I am trying to create a labour hour tracker which will tally daily, monthly and yearly totals for our employees. However my boss wants to be able to add employees throughout the year without having to go in and alter the formulas by hand. Is this even possible?
Solved by T. B. in 13 mins
I want to find out how many hours people worked. I need them to be rounded to the nearest quarter of hour (ex. 2:07=2:00 and 2:08=2:15). It works out beautifully for first shift, but second shift sometimes jumps on to the next day (12:00 am, 1:00 am of the next day). I keep getting the wrong count.
Solved by O. Y. in 14 mins
Edit cell D18 to indicate that we ship TODAY (mm/dd format) if the order is entered before noon; otherwise we ship tomorrow (mm/dd format). Use the IF, HOUR, and NOW, and TODAY functions.
Solved by I. D. in 21 mins
was working with an expert about an hour ago who had come up with the right formula but I can't find that file. How do I bring it back. It was for a compound interest payment
Solved by D. Q. in 20 mins
can some one can create a graph using the data in A and B column , the sample graph i have pasted, u can delete it, it should be in the same formate, as 1 or 2 hour gap, with one date.
Solved by Z. E. in 23 mins
In order to adjust an incorrect time stamp on a photo, I would like to subtract an amount of time (9 hours) from the current incorrect time stamp of (4 am). However, since subtracting 9 hours from 4 am (would normally give you 7 pm the previous day or 19:00 pm) give you negative time, excel is not recognizing that this subtraction occurs on a 24 hour clock and cannot compute the formula: the resulting output is: #######.... As long as I subtract 9 hours from a time that is greater than 9:00 am, excel is able to compute. Please can you help me resolve this issue.
Solved by G. D. in 21 mins
I want to learn how to make dependent drop down list for multiple cells in google spreadsheets, I repeat multiple cells. I can make for single cell. Is it too hard to understand? A 10 year old would agree it is as clear as daylight. Yet who assisted me last time sent me an excel file despite I repeatedly told him I know how it works on excel, I want to learn for google sheets. He won't close the session either, I had to wait 1 hour to post again.
Solved by T. W. in 21 mins