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I'm creating a cost proposal worksheet and no matter which cell I am in, I keep getting an error message: "The text string is too long"...
Solved by C. Y. in 16 mins
Hi, i need some help with a spesific problem with excel. For example that collumn A1 to A20 wil go to collumn F1 to F20 in between , and / or that collumn A1 to A20 wil go to column F1 to F20 an wil pick a certain text from column which wil be replased wit text from folumn A ? More clearly i have 10 columns in excel and i need for example one column A 1 to A20 go to the othe column for example F1 to F20 but columns F1 to F20 contains URL adres and columns A1 to A20 hase to go in to the URl.... is it possible that excel can find specific text in url which wil be replased with other column?
Solved by M. B. in 26 mins
Products are listed one by one with text within one column. I need to know what products and how many of them it has but the list can vary from time to time. After that I need to gather that information and add it to the next table that counts the products in certain groups together to a nice excel table and a tidy form ready to be printed out.
Solved by B. Y. in 29 mins
Need help on creating a formula or script that can print data into column C, from column A & B only if specific text is contained in column B's cells.
Solved by D. W. in 14 mins
how to split a text value like "1/2" to populate into phrase "Holds 1 large, 2 small Suitcases"
Solved by X. C. in 26 mins
I am using Excel to centralize data (mostly text) in a single worksheet. There are several worksheets that are printable/formatted output documents that draw from the single data worksheet. The formulas in the out put worksheets reach into the data worksheet and pull whatever is written into the output worksheet. So the formula may look like this (='Data'!A4). I want to keep the column width the same (so the output does not exceed the width of the page), but I would like the output document to AutoFit the data (the formula results), and not the formula. The formula results might be several lines long. When I try to resize rows in the output worksheet now it resizes them to the formula (='Data'!A4) even thought he cells are populated with larger sets of data.
Solved by T. U. in 12 mins
trying to write a formula where i can connect 2 cells with text connect to a 3rd cell with a hyperlinked text
Solved by I. S. in 16 mins
I need to create a formula that take text from Cell A1, Cell B1 and Cell C1 (C1 is text that is hyperlinked) and put it all in Cell D1.
Solved by I. A. in 19 mins
Loss of formatting when sending email from Excel 2010 via vba - text becomes concatenated - Many help sites consulted but to no avail. Possibly lack of expertise on my part. Help will be greatly appreciated please. Its a project to help people with medical problems. Cab send vba used.
Solved by V. H. in 25 mins
I have the following code which converts a text link into a clickable link. It then display 'URL' instead of the whole web address. However some of the rows never contain a URL and therefore are blank but my code still puts the word URL for the null records. What do I need to change in my code in order to ignore the null cells? 'Make URL clickable Dim Cell As Range Dim CheckRange As Range On Error Resume Next Set CheckRange = Sheets("Quote").Range("B2") Set CheckRange = Range(CheckRange, Cells(ActiveSheet.Rows.Count, _ CheckRange.Column).End(xlUp)) For Each Cell In CheckRange.Cells Cell.Parent.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Cell, Address:= _ Cell.Value, TextToDisplay:="URL" Next Cell
Solved by S. A. in 25 mins