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I need to get josephs help if available if not i need to do a vlook up and a pivot table
Solved by A. J. in 26 mins
Hi, I am looking for quick coaching on what I believe is the SUMPRODUCT formula, for doing a lookup that involves greater than or less than values in a target cell, to then return a specific value in a different cell. For example. I am measuring the value in B2, and depending if it is less than, equal to, or greater than a value in cell in c2, return the corresponding value from a table L4:N9. Kind of like a vlookup but different. Can you help with this? Should be quick and I am looking for assistance asap. Thank you!
Solved by M. J. in 11 mins
I am trying to fill small tables from a master data table, I am trying to use the vlookup but it doesn't seem to work as well for this as I thought it would. Could you take a look at this file and see if you have any suggestions?
Solved by Z. W. in 12 mins
I need help with how to figure out this problem in excel and what function to use. Calculate the sales $ for each month (and total sales $ for the entire year) by make and by model. Months and the yearly total should be labeled across the top of the table; and make and model should labeled down the side of the table.
Solved by X. A. in 24 mins
0 down vote favorite I'm fairly new here and i would like to use help of all excel experts here. So I've run into a problem at work. Situation is I have a table: Row labels: Course names columns labels: Job positions and further sub divided into new and Existing employees. And cell values contains "Yes" for each column and row based on if that job description requires that course, there are more than one courses for each job description. So I want make a another table by getting a values out of above table basis of "Yes", and I want to list the courses by job description. For Example: job Description Courses Clerk courseA Clerk courseB Clerk courseC I have been trying index and match function to get values but not getting any success.
Solved by B. U. in 14 mins
I have a pivot table and I need to show the ytd total of customer satisfaction rating for a number AND next to it (same chart) only the current week.
Solved by Z. Y. in 17 mins
Need a formula or pivot table to compare if the data in column A of the "MY9 Extraction" exist on the worksheet labeled x-chart. The number can exist multiple times in multiple locations. I just need to know if it exist at all on the xhart worksheet. If it exist entered Yes, if not enter No.
Solved by K. S. in 12 mins
I need help creating a pivot table so it looks like this: Create a table that counts the number of responses to the question, “Which of the below flavors of ice cream do you like?” Show the flavors on the side, and the gender on top of the table. Hint: you may need to drag/move “Σ Values” to a row or column area in order for this to work. Also, can you change the row values to a custom name? Change the name of each flavor so that it only shows the name of the flavor and not “Count of [flavor name]. For example, change “Count of Chocolate” so it only reads “Chocolate” (Hint: in the Custom Name field in “Value Field Settings”, you must use a space before or after the name of the flavor for this to work).
Solved by Z. F. in 24 mins
I'm trying to look up a value in a table in one sheet, and if it matches return the entire row that contains that value into a new table on another sheet.
Solved by G. Q. in 23 mins
I need help with this in a pivot table/ Create a table that shows the average rank of the question, “Rank the following ice cream flavors.” Show the flavors on the side, and gender on the top of the table. Change the name of each flavor so that it only shows the name of the flavor and not "Average of [flavor name]."
Solved by F. J. in 22 mins