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I have a list of projects and their complete dates in a columns a & b respectively. I also have a summary table in which I need to detail how many of these projects completed in each month. I need to report on a month by month basis so I need to see how many projects completed in January, how many in Feb, etc, etc, just by looking at the dates in column B.
Solved by V. S. in 15 mins
My VLOOKUP does not work in Excel (though it seems to work in Google Sheets). I have an internet-linked query on worksheet 'Strokes Gained' that can't be edited. I need the VLOOKUP on the 'Master Spreadsheet' to draw from this internet-linked query table. I have sought help in the past from this site and the "fix" has been to edit the 'Strokes Gained' table -- this absolutely should not happen. Can you please help?
Solved by G. J. in 12 mins
I saved a table in excel. When I reopened the document, excel merged all the columns into one and I lost table formatting. Can I fix this?
Solved by C. F. in 17 mins
Currently using an excel spread sheet to create a database of parts and their parts numbers, as well as the contact information of who to contact to order the part. I have a pivet table set up and in column A i have all the parts going down, and then the plus/minus buttons are clicked to reveal the contacts/phone/email to get ahold of it, again this is all in column A via the compact form report layout. Next i am trying to find a way to insert addition information such as order frequency etc, in column BCDEF. I want them to be attached to the pivot table so that i can easily update and insert information. If i were to insert the frequencies next to the table but not in it, when opening the plus/minus' in column A this then throws the rest of the document out of wack and isnt aligned correctly. How would i go about inserting this information in a column connected to the pivot table and its corresponding parts without changing out of the compact view because of printing aspects and clarity.
Solved by F. C. in 12 mins
how to build a pivot table in excel? I'm trying to build out a pivot table with existing data. I need to organize the data and need help with that.
Solved by G. A. in 23 mins
HR Metrics: Excel Activity 7 DUE: This activity is due by June 4th at 11:59pm. Issue: Our employee database has been partially corrupted and we need to fix the raw data and provide our VP with answers to a few of her questions. As seen in the screen shot below, all the calculations between Columns K to R have been erased along with employee data below row 10. Requirements: The file has 6 tabs that you will need to use. First you need to complete the Raw Data tab with all the necessary calculations. For some of the columns you will need to link data contained in the Reference Tables tab. This prep work is required to answer the questions in the final tab, “Questions & Answers”. Use first 10 rows of the Raw Data tab to work out your formulas and double check to make sure you are doing them correctly (try replacing them to see if you get the same results that are already there). Once you are confident they are correct, copy the formulas down to complete this tab. Then use the pivot tables to answer each question found in the Questions & Answers tab. Make sure you use the Q.1 Pivot tab to complete and show your work to answer Question 1 in the Questions & Answers tab. Use the Q.2 Pivot for Question 2 and Q.3 Pivot for Question 3. Once done, save the completed file and upload it to the Assignment folder named, “Excel Activity 7”. Marks: Completing the Raw Data tab=1 mark; Showing work in all 3 Pivot tabs=3 marks; Answered Questions tab=1 mark (0.25 marks each). Key Concepts: You will need to incorporate the following functions: =VLOOKUP(), =INDEX(), =MATCH() You will also need to group data in the Pivot Table and remember how to calculate averages.
Solved by X. D. in 15 mins
I have a table with a column for Month. In another sheet i am referencing to this table. There can be multiple items in a particular month and in the other sheet i need all values that are available in that month. When i filter the Month column to remove blanks my other sheet that i have referenced the table is also considering values that are filtered. Whats the fix?
Solved by I. H. in 27 mins
I am trying to formulate a "value" from individual descriptions If "Description" matches "description" in the table then the value in the table next to the description will appear
Solved by B. B. in 18 mins
How combine 6 tables in one table i was using 2 tables combine in one table sucessfully. but 2 more than table I cannot possible. I am Using formula table 1 Fruits Apples Oranges Pears TABLE 2 Fruits Grapefruit Oranges Cherries Melons i using formula is =IF([ItemNumber]<=ROWS(List1),INDEX(List1[Fruits],[ItemNumber]),INDEX(List3[Fruits],[ItemNumber]-ROWS(List1)))
Solved by B. J. in 15 mins
need help doing a v look up and creating a pivot table excel
Solved by E. S. in 12 mins