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I am looking for excel to return a specific value based on the input of four changing variables. I have made tables for all the possible outcomes the result can be, what I would like the spreadsheet to do is when I put in the variables it will return the result so I do not have to do hand calculations all the time
Solved by C. A. in 28 mins
Help with Vlookup and pivot tables. I have some information and need to find results using these methods for my work. There is a whole bunch of data that needs to be simply revised.
Solved by S. A. in 30 mins
I have a spreadsheet of Incident tickets with opened dates from all of 2018. I need to break down the tickets so that I can break it down into days of the week (Monday,tuesday,wednesday, etc) and then the average number of tickets opened for each hour of that day for the whole year (example - for monday 1am - 2 am - average = 4 tickets). I tried pivot tables but I can't format the days of the week correctly to show as monday, tuesday, etc.
Solved by B. H. in 19 mins
I have huge file with a data model involving 3 different tables. How can I use this data model in another excel workbook as pivot?
Solved by S. Q. in 16 mins
I need help with pivot table in excel with example
Solved by A. Y. in 25 mins
'm trying to import a query from access to excel so that the query is always linked to the access database. I've done this for simple queries but this one has more columns that my old one plus a column using expression build. I don't know if this is relevant but it's the only difference I can think of. When I try to import the query, field names will transfer just fine but all the records will be missing. Original tables from access can be imported just fine. These are my steps Data tab => New Query => From Database => From Microsoft Access Database. Any idea on how to import the queries i want?
Solved by K. S. in 19 mins
I need to merge two tables with the same data structure
Solved by A. A. in 26 mins
I use pivot tables frequently. It drives me more than a bit crazy that I have to change the "sum" or "count" calculation to "average" manually, one at a time, for dozens of columns of data. Is there any way to have "average" be my default calculation? If not, when might that happen?? Thanks in advance!
Solved by O. J. in 13 mins
index,indirect,match,hlookup,different sheets,drop down lists,different tables sizes,buttons
Solved by G. H. in 15 mins
I need to write a vlookup function to find the state a customer will live in based on multiple tables given to me in excel, but I don't know how to compose the formula
Solved by A. A. in 15 mins