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For the midterm project you will design and create a workbook. The workbook should help solve some problem or serve a purpose that is of personal value to you, a friend or an associate. Create a short description of the workbook you plan to create as descrbied in Part I of the project. Keep in mind that your workbook must implement the technical requirements described in part II. CS302 Midterm Project Part I: Write a description of the Excell workbook you plan to create. Be sure to choose a project concept that will be of personal use to you, a friend or work associate. Preview your description with your instructor for approvail before proceeding to part II In your description include the following: 1. Who will use the workbook 2. Describe what the workbook will do (What purpose will it serve?) 3. Describe the type of data that will be stored in the workbook 4. Describe some of the analysis and reporting features of the workbook. Midterm Project Part II: Create the workbook to complete your project. Your workbook must implement the following technical requirements. 1. Well formatted with some background color, borders and style 2. Contain at least one database sheet with at least 15 records and 4 fields of data and at least one calculated field. 3. Apply appropriate named cell references to your workbook. 4. Implement goal seek analysis using absolute cell references and an assumption area. 5. Use conditional formatting on the database sheet. 6. Use two or more of the functions from this list: if(), iferror(), sumif(), countif() 7. Use a database lookup function like VLOOKUP() using a lookup table. 8. Create a filter sheet that will demonstrate the use of numberic and text filters applied to your datasheet. 9. Create some scenarios and generate a summary report. 10. Add at least one macro with a button to run the macro. 11. Use solver in some way. Be sure to create an answer report. 12. Add appropriate and consistant data validation fields 13. Create 2 charts of different styles using different data. Include examples of data labels, modify axis settings, legends and titles. 14. Add an imbedded image with a link to a web web site. 15. Add cell and worksheet protection. Highlight the unprotected cells. Make the password "MIDTERM". 16. Be sure to add comments to your project workbook pointing to each of the requirements above. Include the requirement number as the first line in the comment. The comment should point to where you implemented each of the technical requirements. To add comments right click the cell and select the insert comments menu option. 17. Add a sheet to your finished workbook named INDEX. The INDEX will list each of the technical requirements above. The INDEX sheet should be the first sheet in your sheet tab. In the A column of the INDEX sheet create a list titled 1 thru 16 matching up with the 16 technical requirements. Add a hyperlink so that when the instructor clicks on the link it will goto the worksheet and cell containing an example of the technical requirement. In the B column add a short description of your implementation of the technical requirement. This is required for grading purposes. If these hyperlinks are not added to your workbook it will affect your project grade. Submit your description document and project workbook for grading.
Solved by C. J. in 23 mins
I'm trying to use SUMIF across multiple spreadsheets and keep getting an error.
Solved by B. Y. in 23 mins
I need explanation for the excel formula below... =IF(ISERROR(SUMIFS(INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&"'!"&"$G:$G"),INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&"'!"&"$R:$R"),$A39,INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&"'!"&"$F:$F"),"<>52711",INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&"'!"&"$C:$C"),10)),0,SUMIFS(INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&"'!"&"$G:$G"),INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&"'!"&"$R:$R"),$A39,INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&"'!"&"$F:$F"),"<>52711",INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&"'!"&"$C:$C"),10))+IF(ISERROR(SUMIFS(INDIRECT("'"&BE$4&"'!"&"$A$30:$EO$30"),INDIRECT("'"&BE$4&"'!"&"$A$4:$EO$4"),BE$5,INDIRECT("'"&BE$4&"'!"&"$A$5:$EO$5"),$A39)),0,SUMIFS(INDIRECT("'"&BE$4&"'!"&"$A$30:$EO$30"),INDIRECT("'"&BE$4&"'!"&"$A$4:$EO$4"),BE$5,INDIRECT("'"&BE$4&"'!"&"$A$5:$EO$5"),$A39))+IF(ISERROR(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&" "&$A$31&"'!"&"H:H"),$A39,(INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&" "&$A$31&"'!"&"I:I")))),0,SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&" "&$A$31&"'!"&"H:H"),$A39,(INDIRECT("'"&BE$6&" "&$A$31&"'!"&"I:I"))))
Solved by V. A. in 15 mins
Hi, i have a spreadsheet which has 3 columns a = date b = time of day c = numerical result from a machine monitoring air pollution d = word describing where the person is at that time point i am trying to do two things 1. work out how long each person spends on each activity/place 2. work out total sum of the pollution monitoring for each activity i have tried sumif but it doesn't seem to work?
Solved by D. Y. in 11 mins
The attach excel file is a line plan of 18 Lines. Formula is in: Column "AM" is style number & Column "AN" is quantity. In worksheet A1 to AK1 column what the style number I start from any date , any line or multiple lines the total quantity I can get it “AN” column by SUMIF formula. Need: Column "AO" start date of a style number. Column "AP" Close/End date of the SAME style number. Date is in Column “A” I show an example of style number ABC (In Red color) which Start from Oct 15 & Close on 9 Nov. Close date I get correctly for all styles. But Start date is not working correctly. Can you please check the formula and correct it
Solved by V. C. in 25 mins
If in the Sheet1 column H4 I have the following formula: = SUMIF ($B$4:$B$30,G4,$C$4:$C$30) So how to write the formula in the code? Please help.
Solved by D. W. in 17 mins
Hello, i am looking at a spreadsheet that is using sumif formula. I have little experience with this formula and do not understand what is telling me. The same formula is in several cells and returning numbers,but one particular line is not. =SUMIF('Compare-Total'!$A$6:$A$48,East!A19,'Compare-Total'!$C$6:$C$48)
Solved by G. C. in 21 mins
I have a sumif formula which returns a different number than if I do a sum on the same information. Any idea what would cause this?
Solved by K. B. in 23 mins
Need help summing a column of numbers compared against a cell in that column, then iterating through the column, comparing each cell. Using a sumif statement
Solved by V. H. in 11 mins
Hi, On Sheet 1 I have a sales rep id in column C (highlighted) The rest of the columns are revenue with the dates across the top. I would like to calculate the total each sales rep is worth. So add up all the rows with that rep ID. On sheet 2 I have created a small table where I will put my formulas and the calculation. What is the most efficient way to do this. I believe it is a sumif formula but I cannot get it to work? Thanks
Solved by T. J. in 18 mins