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I'm using an array function to calculate the number of overlapping days in a vertical set of date ranges, but i want to separate the counting of overlapping days based on a value in column A of each row (i.e., still compare the date in a row to all of the other dates in the spreadsheet to see if there is overlap, but total the overlap in two sets based on the two possible values in column A). Alternatively, i could use an array function that gives overlap values by row and then use a sumif function, but only if i can figure out how to not double count overlapped days.
Solved by K. Q. in 30 mins
I have a SUMIF statement that subtracts values from another value if they are less than 0, and if the category that they are categorized in, lines up. I want to add a simple condition, where if the date a transaction is placed, falls into the month that is specified, in addition to the other conditions, then it performs the operation. It seems simple, but I can't seem to figure it out... In the profit allocation sheet, cells C9-C11 have the SUMIF statements. They reference the Ledger page. I want to add the condition, "If the date in the ledger page (column A) falls into the month in cell B2 in Profit Allocation (in this case February)".
Solved by S. Q. in 28 mins
Hi, I am trying to do a sumif across multiple sheets in excel. Basically I need to match the row label to a date on each across multiple sheets
Solved by K. H. in 20 mins
Hi, I'm trying to find out the number of specific operations (Criteria in column) we'll have within a specific date range (criteria in row). To my knowledge, some form of sum or sumif is required along index and match. Any help would be appreciated. In the file attached, I am trying to find out how many Operational days we'll have in FY2018 (cell Q12), within the date range (N12:O12), for a specific operation type (P12).
Solved by A. A. in 21 mins
I'm trying to use SUMIF to collect data from all months in a specific year into one total. It keeps coming up as a zero. =SUMIF('Monthly Summary'!F6:AU6,"18*",'Monthly Summary'!F10:AT10) Is the formula I have entered where row 6 is the date (1801, 1802, format, etc,) and row 10 is the revenue I want to add together.
Solved by B. J. in 12 mins
Every time I add the quotes to this formula it stops working? SUMIF(C7:BB7,"<=BC6",C10:BB10). I am trying to add some numbers based on a date range.
Solved by C. E. in 17 mins
Hi, I'm making myself a weekly budget spreadsheet. I've made a sheet with all my monthly outgoings, and I've worked out how to use SUMIF to combine the amounts for each day, but I want to include a reference and don't know how to combine text cells based on a specific date reference... does that make sense?
Solved by E. U. in 23 mins
I have a P&L with the Chart of Accounts in Column A the months going across the top and the year above that. I am using the Sumif(index(...match()) to pull in where the account number and the month intersect but I also need to pull in the year to date value. I tried using a list of the months that I want to pull in and I also tried to pull in values if it found FY18 but it keeps pulling in the first value and then stops. Please advise
Solved by V. U. in 27 mins
SUMIFS(D6:D446,"*PLUK teacher income*",E6:E446 ,A6:A445,">=" &O2,A6:A445,"<=" &O3) I have a formula: SUMIF(D6:D446,"*PLUK teacher income*",E6:E446) I want to add te range between specific dates. I have this formula currently: SUMIFS(D6:D446,"*PLUK teacher income*",E6:E446 ,A6:A445,">=" &O2,A6:A445,"<=" &O3) A = date range O2 is date beginning O3 is date ending What am i missing!
Solved by V. J. in 28 mins