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I have a tire storage spreadsheet for a shop. I want to set it up so that when I change the date that the tires were stored, I can then get the entire row to change text colour. But the date ranges vary depending on the season
Solved by B. B. in 16 mins
I am trying to create a formula that would take a number from a cell and subtract it from another cell that is referencing another sheet. For example. I have a total budget sheet that has my budget for the year. I want to be able to type in an expense used and it tell me how much of my budget I have left. in the cell that is in the same row at the top.
Solved by A. E. in 23 mins
In cells B15:D15, use IF and AND logical functions to recommend which company B-Trendz should use to create and maintain the online website. The function should return the company name from row 2 if the website will be maintained for at least two years and the monthly payment is $2,100 or less. If the value is false, the cell should remain blank using "".
Solved by F. A. in 30 mins
Level A items Fruits Veggies Nuts Under each Level A item there are an inconsistent number of "Level B items" For example: Level B items Under fruits you have apples and Oranges (2 items) Under veggies you have corn potatoes and peas (3 items) Under nuts you have peanuts (1 items) I need to set something up so that I can type in a Level A Item (in random order) and have a row of data created for each Level B item. So if Sheet 1, Column A is: Fruits Veggies Nuts Then Sheet 2 Column A would look like: Row 1 = apples Row 2 = oranges Row 3 = Corn Row 4 = Potatoes Row 5 = Peas Row6 = Peanuts And so on and so on.
Solved by F. E. in 13 mins