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The identical value in the data is seemingly arbitrarily split into two columns in the pivot tables. On the attached workbook, the red worksheets contain the data; the other colours are the pivot tables. As an example, I checked each cell containing the value "All" using the "=ISNUMBER" function. All returns were "FALSE", which if I understand correctly means that the value is text. This is as it should be. The purple worksheet "Lecturer totals T1" contains two columns for "All", "Lecturer totals 01-17" contains two columns each for "BaL" and "HLS" "Lecturer totals T2 & 3" contains double columns for all these three values. The same is true for the equivalent green "Faculty totals" and orange "Student totals" worksheets. How can I ensure that the pivot tables only contain one column for each of these values?
Solved by E. D. in 13 mins
I'm trying to produce a pivot table on worksheet H showing the number of records by hour for each room based on the NYC (eastern) time. This will require the provided LogTimeStamp time to be converted to our EST from GMT listed in the table worktable worksheet
Solved by X. B. in 26 mins
Hello, I have 5 excel reports, running for 5 months, but the data shows a chart of - daily output for each month. The graph associated also just shows for the daily numbers. I would like someone to create a pivot table for each month, and run the data for - Weekly and Monthly Reporting. Again, right now these monthly excel reports only show a graph of Daily, I need all the data shown to be shown in Weekly and Monthly reporting and using a Pivot table to show the graphs
Solved by C. C. in 15 mins
I need to make a pivot table report based on tab called Downsize Recommendation.
Solved by T. U. in 15 mins
Hi. This is quite hard to explain but hopefully the document will help! I have a s/sheet looking at a five year replacement plan for their PCs. I have a list of Locations (Labs) in a uni that contains the number of machines, how much it will cost to replace and a year that (1-5). At the moment they were populated manually. But if they decide they want to change, for example Lab B from the first year to the 3rd, it then needs to be done manually. What I'd like to be able to do, is, if the year is changed in column E, then the boxes / fields to the right get updated. I know I can do this with multiple pivot tables, but know that it could also be done with formulas. In G5 for Year 1, I have used the Index and Match functions to return Lab B. I'm guessing I might need OFFSET, (which I don't know much about as yet) but before I went ahead and researched it all, thought I would ask. Current formula (in G5) here is: =INDEX($B:$B,MATCH(1,$E:$E,0)) Thank you.
Solved by I. U. in 23 mins
Hi, I keep running into problems with my pivot table. I go to pivot table and my data is not appearing as I would like it to appear.
Solved by Z. D. in 22 mins
I'm trying to record a macro that will create a pivot table. I want the pivot table to display the "division" field name in both the row and values section of the pivot table so that it outputs the number of teams in each division. For example: Advanced: 15 Intermediate: 20 Beginner: 5 After I record the macro and try to run it I get the error message - Run-time error '1004': Method 'CreatePivotTable' of object 'PivotCache' failed This is what the VBA looks like: Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' ' Sheets.Add ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Create(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:= _ "2017-USA-Spikeball-East-Tour--P!R1C1:R51C40", Version:=xlPivotTableVersion14 _ ).CreatePivotTable TableDestination:="Sheet1!R3C1", TableName:= _ "PivotTable1", DefaultVersion:=xlPivotTableVersion14 Sheets("Sheet1").Select Cells(3, 1).Select With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("division") .Orientation = xlRowField .Position = 1 End With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").AddDataField ActiveSheet.PivotTables( _ "PivotTable1").PivotFields("division"), "Count of division", xlCount End Sub
Solved by V. A. in 22 mins
I am trying to figure out where the data for a pivot table is being pulled from.
Solved by B. D. in 22 mins
I have a Master drawing list that I made in excel. I need to separate it into discipline lists so I can link it into AutoCAD. The problem is that when I insert a new row into the MasterList tab the new row doesn't appear in the Mech LIST tab. I tried Pivot Table but I couldn't get it to work. I just need Column A and B. The rest of the table will used for another list.
Solved by X. W. in 18 mins
Hi, I made up a job list with a montly calendar from a template and an annual calendar. My job list is automaticly inserted in both calendars with an index. I would like to had a frequency to my calendar. In other words, I would like to make a job happen every X week. I added the row in my pivot table, but I can't figure it out how to make it to my calendar. Thanks
Solved by V. S. in 21 mins