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I recently got a excel help formula from you guys but seems the file size is way to big. I use my excel sheets to upload to my website and each time I upload limit is 15mb only (api allows this max size only). I convert it to .csv file and other .csv files that i use to upload (before the formula from you guys), I have rows of data that is 10x more but file size is still smaller. I need way to get the formula you guys gave me and shrink the file. I'm not sure if its cause of formula but I was thinking maybe its also due to html formatting (but other files before had html format too). hopefully get to bottom of this why its so big And if we have time, i like to see if we can look into something else
Solved by I. J. in 25 mins
i need to add a excel max function to change the following formula to output "0" if the result is a negative number. Any ideas? (fyi this is a google sheets formulas, not written in excel) =ARRAY_CONSTRAIN(ARRAYFORMULA(IFERROR(IF(COUNTIF('Battle Points'!$F$2:$F$81,$L25),$M25-INDEX('Battle Points'!$K$2:$K$81, MATCH($L25,'Battle Points'!$F$2:$F$81,0)),"No Data"),"No Data")), 1, 1)
Solved by K. E. in 22 mins
I did a formula ( =MAX(D9,D14,D20,D26,D29)), the max number appears perfectly, but I want the information that appears next to the max number to appear as well. How do I do that? For example , this max formula is also equal to "Instructor Led Training"
Solved by E. H. in 15 mins
I'm trying to track incrementing product numbers in excel as the products are created in 3 categories. Example of those product numbers would be Ballpoints, Rollerballs & Fountains, like this: BP0001, RB0023 & F0005. As a new product is created in one of the 3 categories, it would increase, such as BP0002, RB0024 & F0006. Is there a way to use a Max or Maxif function to show in 3 different cells, what the max number for each of those products is?
Solved by C. Q. in 15 mins
I am trying to put a max value from a string of 39 characters that are calculated into another if statement. Can I use the max if excel?
Solved by S. Y. in 25 mins
I am using solver to solve two columns linearly and it gave an answer to my model. But how do I put constraint that only either cells in one of column will have a value. For example, if the cell in column 1 has a value then cell in column 2 will be zero. This will be carried out in large number of data. Just curious is MAX or IF function is linear?
Solved by Z. Y. in 25 mins
Finding the maximum value of a function? I need to find the max value that matches a certain criteria
Solved by Z. E. in 21 mins
I have a max limit in bottle of 450ML. my current stock as per books is 64.400. Physical stock is 63.100. how to find min and max? Can i calculate the difference using excel?
Solved by B. Y. in 27 mins
I have a max limit in bottle of 450ML. my current stock as per books is 147 full bottles 215ML loose . Physical stock is 145 full 400ml loose. Can i calculate the difference using excel?
Solved by A. J. in 19 mins
Looking for a way to get a MIN result across a row of numbers but after a randomly chosen spot. Ex. Row 1 ( Commas are separate cells ) 455,2,223,5667,32323,56,3,2323,34 I have used the MAX function to locate the MAX value in Row 1 EX - 32323 I need to Return a MIN result after that MAX number position. EX - 3 The MAX will be in random spots every time I input data into a new sheet.
Solved by M. U. in 30 mins