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I am trying to come up with a spreadsheet that will break a single number down into multiple cells. The results shown in the cells will have excel minimum value of zero along with the first cell having a maximum of 20, the second cell maximum of 5 and third cell with no maximum. I have come up with solutions for the first and third but not the second cell.
Solved by A. B. in 26 mins
IF the hourly rate + 1.45/hours >10.90 then 10.90 * hours * family % (I think) the IF hourly rate + 1.45/hours<10.90 then hourly rate + 1.45 *family % (I think) So what I am trying to find out is... 10.90 per hour is the maximum rate the government will pay. if the fees per hour are over this then it needs to be limited to 10.90 per * family's %....if the fees (hourly rate + 1.45) are less than 10.90 per hour... then hourly rate + 1.45 * family %
Solved by Z. W. in 11 mins
I want to create a dynamic chart. I have 6 series of values: each represent the maximum displacement for 6 different earthquakes. I want the chart to change according to one column (column B), which basically contains 5 possible values: 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25. Therefore the chart needs to plot columns D vs F, for the 6 series of column C. The chart should change dynamically, according to value of column B. An expert previously helped me, using OFFSET formula. I just need some help to continue the work for creation of my dynamic chart. Name taggs have been previously used. I am not sure on why to use it for this problem and need explanations.
Solved by M. U. in 28 mins
I have a row of measurements and need to find the maximum variance. That is the lowest number divided by the largest number. How can i write this as a formula in excel? Example: 127 111 119 120 126 maximum variance .126 I always have 6 values in the roll and I need to calculate the maximum value for each row and find the maximum number of rows in excel
Solved by T. U. in 21 mins
Hi ! I am stuck... I have two columns of data : 1 is the Time (in seconds) 2 is a response from a practical test I have the maximum the second column can reach but would need to find at which time it reaches 90%. To do so I have calculated the approximate value 0.9*MAX(Column 2) and tried to use VLOOKUP and IF formulas to find the corresponding time but it doesn't display the right answer.
Solved by X. Y. in 23 mins
I need to figure out a Goal seek to figure out maintenance starting this year (Year 0) and is willing to decrease the overall Net Profit in Year 4 by $300,000 to accommodate this change. What would be the maximum Maintenance Increase rate for this year (Year 0) (currently 3%) that she could afford?
Solved by F. S. in 26 mins
I need a function for the following: CountA range of cells: if the count is greater than 2, the cell should contain the number "2"; If the count is 2 or less, the cell should contain the exact count. What the formula is for: List of classes a faculty can take. No matter how many they take, it can be no greater than 2 in the specified cell. Anything over two incorrectly affects another formula. The maximum number in the cell is always 2. Can anyone help me think through this?
Solved by K. U. in 29 mins
I'm trying to do a mean average and a mode average of a set of data from a maximum of 31 cells. I only want to average from the cells with numbers in and not the ones left blank. Any ideas?
Solved by M. F. in 28 mins
i need a formula that calculates the hours in column a, b, c, d, e, f, g and puts the sum in column h bu the maximum can only be 44 hours, anything over 44 hours needs to go in column i.
Solved by A. A. in 13 mins
I'm building a calculator to find out what how much income an investor receives when they take a loan against their investment. "Cash value" is the balance of the investment, annual policy loan and annual collateral loan is the amount they take out with the interest rate indicated. Is there anyway I can find out how to solve for the maximum income someone can take out without the "net cash value after loans" being negative?
Solved by S. A. in 22 mins