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Enter a lookup function in cell E5 that returns the tax deduction amount for the number of dependents listed in the cell C5. Use the table in range H13:I17 to complete the function. The maximum deduction is $500.00; therefore, employees with more than four dependents will receive no additional deductions.
Solved by M. B. in 26 mins
Once the market value in cell B17 has increased above $25 K I need the excess value to be calculated at $.30 or 3% of the value to be placed in cell B24 while displaying the maximum value associated with a $25K sum insured as per the V Look Up – Copy of Private June . Next, I need the column highlighted in orange to add loadings/ percentages based on the percentage input in the adjacent cell (Colum C). Not the increase should be based on the total in cell B25. It should also build upon sum of B25 and any other Loading input before.
Solved by V. U. in 24 mins
2. Highlight in green each month in which the S&P index changed by a maximum of 2 percent.
Solved by C. C. in 28 mins
need to compare two rows of amounts and match them which contains identical as well as non identical amounts want to compare it to maximum possible rows and filter it i am trying to do this from past month please help
Solved by V. L. in 23 mins
i need help to find the maximum profit in regards to production using excel.
Solved by I. H. in 12 mins
find the average revenue according to number of units sold.Also highlight the manager who draw maximum and minimum revenue.
Solved by M. D. in 16 mins
I am having troubles with a simply box plot chart, which is not showing the maximum point for some series. Any urgent help would be greatly appreciated.
Solved by K. E. in 26 mins
I have a workbook that has 12 columns of calculations carried out across 500 rows. The calculations are contained in a dedicated worksheet, the inputs will be taken from a separate worksheet, and the outputs will be displayed in a third worksheet. I am trying to make an automated system with loops to auto fill the input fields in the calculation worksheet, are then calculated and stored in the output worksheet, then incremented by a variable taken from the input worksheet and repeated until a maximum value is reached. How do I do this with VBA? Is VBA the best way to go?
Solved by X. J. in 13 mins
I am creating a table to calculate Ontario Employer Health Tax. I need a formula that will delivers the following result in column D: If the amount in column C (which is a monthly cumulative gross payroll amount) is less than or equal to $450,000, then the result in column D is the monthly payroll amount. If the amount in column C is greater than $450,000, then the result in column D is the amount that brings column D to a maximum amount of $450,000. So far I have =IF(C6<=450000,B6,450000-C6), but this does not maximize column C at $450,000. Thanks!
Solved by T. L. in 26 mins
I need to build a chart that will help me identify the products that drive maximum revenue
Solved by C. B. in 20 mins