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Hi. I need a to calculate a minimum value formula on a spreadsheet I am working with
Solved by C. W. in 11 mins
hi i want a clean excel how can i get it all columns should be same minimum space same value and simple clean sheet no border no formula all cell equal
Solved by V. L. in 19 mins
I need to format a spreadsheet so that against the fields of USER, CHAMP, RATING that the top 30 CHAMPs are chosen that are all >>unique<< but making each USER has a minimum of 5 CHAMPs each please
Solved by E. A. in 28 mins
Hi, I have 178 columns in a sheet with different numbers, for example column A has 30 entries whereas Column B has 100, etc. I would like to rearrange the entire columns with highest number of entries from Left to Right. In such case most of the right side columns would have minimum entries. Thank you.
Solved by K. E. in 28 mins
I firstly want to ensure all zeros in row 3 (graphs tab) are not included in the graph. I plan on adding further columns in the future so I can't just manually do it. Secondly I want the graphs to auto adjust their minimum y axis scale, so that when I change players, it changes the y axis appropriate to their data. Because at the moment even the auto minimum y axis makes it 0 which I don't want.
Solved by C. J. in 30 mins
I need a formula that E2 = (c2 * D2) and minimum value in E2 is 5 Example 0.26 * 10 shall be 5 not 2.6
Solved by F. E. in 18 mins
In the setup sheet I'm finding maximum and minimum between the values in column h and column j and I want to put the values in column k.
Solved by D. C. in 29 mins
i would like to know how to put in the formula for eg: sit up + push up, in order to get pass, minimum is 61 points. so sit up + push up + 2.4km = 61point to pass, 75 points to silver, 85 points to gold. want to know how many points for 2.4km if i have the points for push up and sit up
Solved by D. C. in 21 mins
i want minimum value from below rank by excluding number 1 Rank 17 1 6 2 4 8 7 1 1 4 7
Solved by I. D. in 13 mins
Hi, what's the formula for amortizing this: If your credit card balance is $5000 and the minimum monthly payment (at end of each month) is $100, if the Annual Credit Card Rate is 16%, how many years does it take to pay off?
Solved by T. D. in 17 mins