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Hi. I use Google Sheets on a regular basis. In doing so, I often use the INDEX formula to display an array from another location within the same spreadsheet. I specifically use the INDEX formula as opposed to one-to-one referencing because when the original data changes, and sometimes rows are added or deleted, the INDEXed data still shows a perfect match, and the formulas attached to the INDEX array still apply to the correct cells. However, in using Excel on a friend's sheet, I tried using the same INDEX formula, and the formula does not function the same way and does not allow me to display an entire array. If you have any suggestions on formulas to use for this purpose, I would greatly appreciate it.
Solved by A. C. in 16 mins
i need to add a excel max function to change the following formula to output "0" if the result is a negative number. Any ideas? (fyi this is a google sheets formulas, not written in excel) =ARRAY_CONSTRAIN(ARRAYFORMULA(IFERROR(IF(COUNTIF('Battle Points'!$F$2:$F$81,$L25),$M25-INDEX('Battle Points'!$K$2:$K$81, MATCH($L25,'Battle Points'!$F$2:$F$81,0)),"No Data"),"No Data")), 1, 1)
Solved by K. E. in 22 mins
I am performing an inventory audit. I need a formula to match two columns in google sheets. the first column has a list of all assets that should be present and the second column has a list of assets found. the formula needs to show me what is missing
Solved by E. A. in 14 mins
Q1. (Tab1) Form Responses: formula not working in AA2 and AB2. It suppose to match the address on (Tab2) Form 2 and copy over the TMK number and Cleanout ID. While working on the formulas, can you please work on the one I uploaded and not download and send me the excel separately. When I reupload the excel to google sheets, the macros got messed up for some reason. The formuals in AA2 & AB2 worked great before I reupp'd it from the last GotIt Pro expert. Q2. On the PrintForm, I would like the image to super impose inside the photo boxes below and not the link itself. Formulas are not working correctly in the current boxes.
Solved by T. A. in 21 mins