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I have 2 tabs on this worksheet "DailyOrders" and "Template". I've created some VBA code to copy and paste some data (from a user selected excel file on our network) into the "DailyOrders" tab. The "Template" tab performs a host of formula calculations. My issue is that when I run the macro I want the user to end up seeing the "Template" tab, and not the imported data on the "DailyOrders" tab.
Solved by B. Y. in 20 mins
I need help generating a list from a spreadsheet of data and have been looking up array functions but am not able to formulated for my exact purpose.
Solved by A. W. in 30 mins
I saved my excel spreadsheet and now it wont open again. Saying it cannot be found?
Solved by G. U. in 24 mins
I have an excel workbook and i need to share it with multiple people via google drive, i also need for 2 or 3 people to make changes to the excel file at the same can 2-3 people work on that same shared excel file at the same time?
Solved by F. F. in 17 mins
Help me with the following problem without adding any helper cells and changing the data "There are 8 cities in the country of Eight, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. Mr. Z decides to visit each city in his car starting from A. His planned itinerary is A-->B-->C-->D-->E-->F-->G-->H. The distance between the cities is given in Table I" Table I Distance A B C D E F G H A 0 200 B 200 0 350 C 350 0 500 D 500 0 250 E 250 0 850 F 850 0 1250 G 1250 0 150 H 150 0 "Write a formula which takes the number of kms that Mr. Z has travelled from A as the input and displays the name of the city which is nearest to that point. Mr. Z will enter the number of kms he has travelled from A in cell D30 and the name of the city nearest to the point will be displayed in E30"
Solved by X. W. in 28 mins
Hi I have two worksheets with formula's relating to each other which I want to copy and use as a template to save time. is there a way to link them so as a copy forward and rename for each set of data they remain linked?
Solved by F. F. in 18 mins
I have a problem with a bubble chart that I am trying to create, cannot add names as labels for the whole data immediately
Solved by M. H. in 29 mins
BACKGROUND § is structured by Department (i.e. 27 = Lighting) which can have multiple Classes (i.e. 27L Class 1 = Light Bulbs) §All items on have a unique Product ID §Vendors can span multiple Departments or Classes §Orange tabs in the attached include the raw data §Please input answers into the Green tab EXERCISE §Rank the top departments by total sales §For the top department, rank the vendors by total sales §For the top department, calculate margin rate for each of the top 10 vendors
Solved by F. H. in 11 mins
Solved by T. H. in 24 mins
Need to complete the questions uding the shortest route method in Excel.
Solved by I. J. in 16 mins