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I'm completing an assignment for my intro to business class and I'm confused on how to complete the following in excel: Add a column between the Purchase Date and Initial Cost columns called Replacement Date to calculate the month and year that each computer system will have a depreciated value of $0. Use an appropriate function and/or formula to ensure that if a new system is purchased and added to the inventory, the function/formula can be copied to the new row and the data will be accurate. The function/formula must be the same for all rows and identify the correct system type (laptop or desktop) to determine if the system is depreciated over 4 or 5 years. (*Do not include a leap year, assume all years have 365 days).
Solved by K. F. in 13 mins
Using an excel array, calculating levenshtein distance for 10,000 pairs of RNA designs, creating 50 million different combinations and outputs. Currently calculation would take about 34 days to calculate. Is there somewhere I can send this sheet to have this problem calculated much faster? Or other way to get this done faster for reasonable cost?
Solved by I. Y. in 17 mins
I keep getting an error "ERROR:Cannot access" while trying to save an excel file that publishes to a webpage. The error says "The operation to AutoRepublish items to Web pages generated warnings or errors.
Solved by D. Y. in 16 mins
I need a formula to use if in a column, if there is a cell with text in it, and the cell above it is blank, copy the text from below into the cell above
Solved by M. F. in 23 mins
In cell C11, enter a formula to reference the date stored in cell B7. Insert a nested function in cell C12 to calculate the date for the next payment. Nest the YEAR, MONTH, and DAY functions within the excel DATE function. Add 1 to the month result. Copy the function to the range C13:C34. I need to know how to do the nested formula for this problem.
Solved by T. E. in 22 mins
I am trying to get a sheet to mark off certain cells based upon the reference of another cell on a separate sheet.
Solved by G. L. in 22 mins
hello, i need help with formula to get the unique ids from a list of books with their order number
Solved by M. F. in 18 mins
how do you do the Repeat function on an excel spreadsheet on a mac and how do you resize spreadsheets?
Solved by G. B. in 27 mins
Just need a formula to count a cell if the row contains certain word (in this case, a cost centre). Cost Centre Hours Rate Total (Employee A) SRS 40 10 400 ABC weekend 10 15 150 Cost Centre Hours Rate Total (Employee B) SRS 40 10 400 ABC weekend 10 15 150 So, I need a formula which will autosum the total costs for SRS and ABC etc for all employees. Thanks
Solved by X. B. in 17 mins
I am trying to update a price sheet. Can you breakdown this formula: =IF(C7="","",IF(C7=0.375,29,IF(C7=0.75,37.75)))
Solved by C. E. in 14 mins