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How to round up in excel, my total needs to round up to the nearest .25, needs to look at another cell and if there is an entry split the total.
Solved by O. J. in 11 mins
Help! I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong! I need to check a column from worksheet 1 for specific text. If it is true, I need to copy the line of cells to worksheet 2
Solved by E. D. in 23 mins
I have a 2 worksheet workbook. Sheet1 is the start. i want the data in columns "A" and "B" to copy and paste into columns "B" and "C" in the first available row on Sheet2 if "Yes" is entered into Column "F" in Sheet1. The macro should search all of Sheet1 and repeat the process until all occurrences of "Yes" are moved to Sheet2. The macro should also delete the entire row on Sheet1 is "No" is entered into column "F". Lastly, once the "Yes" data is copied to Sheet2 the row on Sheet1 should be deleted.
Solved by I. H. in 15 mins
In column S if there's data that is bring back the value of 0 (as opposed to it just being blank) would like to bring back a value such as "0 - revised qty". several cells are looked at to obtain that qty
Solved by D. W. in 28 mins
If a cell value equals x I want that cell to display a string. For example. If a cell equals 1 I want that cell to display "DH1". If a cell equals 2 I want that cell to display "DH2" and if a cell equals 28 I want that cell to display "NH1"
Solved by M. Q. in 24 mins
Hello, I have a list of value from highest to lowest with different names next to the values. When i do a vlookup of duplicate values i get the same name. Is it possible to lookup duplicate values and if a name already exists in the worksheet it goes to the next name in the report?
Solved by X. C. in 28 mins
Hi! So I am working in Excel and need to come up with a formula that says "in how many events did the US win a medal?" On a separate sheet, it shows the event name and which countries won bronze, silver, and gold. However, I only care about counting the event if US just won a medal, rather than double counting the US if they won two medals. Thanks!
Solved by O. Y. in 30 mins
I need help inexcel conditional formatting based on another cell color. In the file, the cell will not show based on there not being text in the 'Student Column", but the cell color coded with a uniform color if no data appears.
Solved by O. F. in 27 mins
I need to know how to format a formula to make all cells with no 'Text' in another column not appear. Here's the formula as it currently is: =IF(AP8<0,"Worse",IF(AP8>0,"Better",IF(AP8=0,"None")))
Solved by T. Q. in 26 mins
I would like to autofill filtered columns with a series list of numbers and then unselect the filter and have the series list of numbers not change. For example if I associate a 1 with that row it remains 1 no matter the order of filtered rows. I am not sure if this is possible without an add-in or vba.
Solved by A. E. in 14 mins