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Need a sum if that compares two columns for the criteria, then sums a third column. The issue is, I want to compare the two columns using two different criteria -- not sure if excel supports And statements when working with arrays.
Solved by K. J. in 19 mins
How do I nest multiple AND() statements in one formula?
Solved by Z. C. in 25 mins
I need a long If and AND statement. If a1 is between 17-21 AND a2 is greater than 42 and a3 is greater 53 and a4 is less than the time of 15:54 then they pass, if not they fail
Solved by E. S. in 27 mins
Need to add additional criteria to IF AND statement.
Solved by E. L. in 21 mins
I need a formula that will extract data from two tables using an if() / and() statement.
Solved by T. Q. in 12 mins
I need to nest multiple different if and statements within the same cell and create an output from this logic chain
Solved by G. Y. in 16 mins
I need a formula as follows: IF B6 says "Can it be repurposed" AND G6 says "Yes", true="Do we have usage rights?", false value = "Can it be created locally?" However IF B6 says "Can it be created locally?" and B6 says "Yes", true="What is the timeframe", false = "No support available" I have tried the following, but it returns the error "Too many arguments" =IF(AND(B6="Can it be repurposed?",G6="Yes"), "Do we have usage rights", "Can it be created locally?", IF(AND(B6="Can it be created locally?",G6="Yes"), "What is the timeframe", "No support Available ")) Essentially I need two IF,AND statements in one formula
Solved by K. F. in 27 mins
I need an if or statement excel. The formula needs to display the deposit for an apartment that is newer, and remodeled.
Solved by F. Y. in 27 mins
I need a help with an if and then formula
Solved by X. J. in 11 mins
I am trying to find out how many people are working within certain times of the day with intervals such as 4:00-6:00. I tried using COUNTIF and SUMPRODUCT but they did not work
Solved by B. J. in 11 mins