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I am using the AND function on the condicional formatting option and it gives me a command error. Formula is: =AND(A2>1,A2<100)
Solved by K. U. in 24 mins
can you teach me the steps to create a nested if function, and to nest an AND function inside of an IF function?
Solved by A. Q. in 12 mins
In cell P14, use an IF function and an AND function that will return 5 points if the Freshman Satisfaction (Fresh_Satis) AND Graduation Rate (Grad_Rate) are greater than 50%. If both conditions are not met, the college will receive only 1 point.
Solved by E. J. in 29 mins
I need to have this tracker apply an hourly rate to the equipment and operator type in the data tab
Solved by B. F. in 13 mins
How can I tell how many apples and oranges I sold last week?
Solved by M. H. in 22 mins
The identical value in the data is seemingly arbitrarily split into two columns in the pivot tables. On the attached workbook, the red worksheets contain the data; the other colours are the pivot tables. As an example, I checked each cell containing the value "All" using the "=ISNUMBER" function. All returns were "FALSE", which if I understand correctly means that the value is text. This is as it should be. The purple worksheet "Lecturer totals T1" contains two columns for "All", "Lecturer totals 01-17" contains two columns each for "BaL" and "HLS" "Lecturer totals T2 & 3" contains double columns for all these three values. The same is true for the equivalent green "Faculty totals" and orange "Student totals" worksheets. How can I ensure that the pivot tables only contain one column for each of these values?
Solved by E. D. in 13 mins
I have a report template and I want to be able to link a raw data page to it so that whenever anyone inputs raw data it automatically is populated into the template and organized by project title. I've used If, Search, V lookup, and Isnumber functions and have not been able to get the desired effect. Ex. Page 1 Template with Column Labels: Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow Page 2 Raw Data List: Purple Shoes, Purple Hat, Blue Socks, Red Scarf, Blue Tie etc Page 3 Automatically populates with all the Purples under the Purple column, all the Blues under the Blue column etc. Formula Examples: =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH('Goal SLAs'!$E$8,'Raw Data'!$C:$C)),'Raw Data'!C2:C2,IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH('Goal SLAs'!E5,'Raw Data'!C:C)),'Raw Data'!C3,"error")) =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH('Goal SLAs'!E18,'Raw Data'!C:C)),'Raw Data'!C12,"") =VLOOKUP('Goal SLAs'!E8,'Raw Data'!A1:H10,2,TRUE)
Solved by A. C. in 27 mins
In the Eligible for Bonus column, enter a formula with IF and OR functions to display the text no if the employee's pay grade is D or the employee's job status is a part time (PT). Leave the cell blank if the employee is eligible for a bonus
Solved by D. W. in 30 mins
Hello! I'm looking for an easy way to manage my accounts and leads via excel. Im very new to excel and posted this to reddit. There was minimal feedback (2 comments) and the users' solutions were a bit over my head at this point. Had I tried to use the advice, I would've gotten to a place where it became stop and go, waiting on replies and raising new questions along the way. I know that if someone has this sheet, what Im asking can be done in five minutes. My Excel sheet iscalled "ALP" (Accounts/Leads/Prospects) and it's broken down into 12 sheets, 2 of which are unrelated to the data. I use this sheet to record my sales phone call results and organize how to proceed with each lead/prospect. I would like to click an option in a drop-down menu on a given lead or prospect and have is migrate to the corresponding sheet. On the sheet titled “Channels” I’ve listed four sets of Defined Ranges. One for Accounts when I call to check on them. One for Leads when I call them. One to signify which follow up step I’m at for a recent store visit or appointment. One to signify which follow up step I’m at with a new lead phone call. I follow up four times (Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) until they end up in “Future Follow Up” or "Not Interested". Basically, the customer says to call later or "no thank you". I have two main sheets that I use in the ALP Workbook. ACCT – Current account tracking Master Leads – Current list of prospective clients from various sources/industries. My goal is to pick 50 leads a day to call. After each phone call, I need to determine how the phone call went. How the call went determines my next step. I will do one of six things APPT - Set an appointment No Answer - If they didn’t answer, I’m going to have to reach out again on a different day. Not Interested - Maybe the customer isn’t interested, no worries, NEXT! Sent Info Follow Up - Maybe the customer wants me to send them information, like pricing. I need to do that once I’m finished the 50 calls. VoiceMail FoUp - Perhaps I left a voicemail, I’m going to send an email letting them know that I left a message on their phone and the date I plan to reach them again. Future FoUp - Maybe the customer is interested, but the buying window is closed for a few months. No problem, we’ll talk soon. Once these leads have been contacted, I would like the entire row to migrate to the proper, selected sheet. That way, as I make progress, my Master Leads sheet gets smaller and, in turn, auto updates itself. Leads need to eventually become “Accounts” or “Not Interested”. That is the end goal for these 600+ leads. I would like rows to be able to continue moving to the appropriate sheet, even after the row is outside of “Master Leads”. Example… If I move a lead from “Master Leads” to “No Answer”, that prospect may answer the phone the next time. If they do, I would like to continue moving that lead to the other appropriate sheets. From “No Answer” I would like to move this lead to maybe “Appointment” “Sent Info Follow Up” or “Not Interested” The only difference would be on the Accounts page. In accounts, there are six options in the call-result drop-down defined range. “Appointments” collumn is the only selection for accounts that would change anything, the rest are static selections just for me to take note of. The account with an appointment would end up showing in the “Appt” tab, but I do not want the row to disappear from the ACCTs sheet. ACCT are all permanent entries and they’re using formulas for sales. Removing these from accounts to populate the “APPT” sheet may throw things off. Defined Ranges highlighted in Purple designate that those options are dynamic. I would appreciate any help on this. Three weeks ago a friend said he'd do this for me, but he says he's had no time.
Solved by M. L. in 17 mins
need if formula If sold apple and sold orange are more than target apple and orange respectively then ach = (B+C)*D if only sold apple are more than target apple then ach=b*d if only sold orange are more than target orange then ach= c*d
Solved by C. C. in 17 mins