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Hi I need help with a formula I'am trying to calculate a work date 42 days after an episode start date. So the start dates are in Day, Month, year (all drop downs boxes) when I put in the formula- =WORKDAY(w45,42) and the start day is 1/1/2017 the answer comes back with 1/1/1900 !! What am I doing wrong with the year? Thanks for your help Barbara
Solved by B. S. in 27 mins
I have schedule to make. I need a formula that if the date in prev column falls on a weekend or holiday, set the date to the next viable business day. I have the formula for the 2nd half of that condition =WORKDAY(C2,1,D30:D40) but I need the IF part of the condition to the left of the equal sign. (D30:D40 is my list of holidays)
Solved by B. B. in 18 mins
Solved by D. Q. in 21 mins
I need capacity on annual workday basis. Someone already working on the file
Solved by D. Y. in 27 mins
Column to calculate percentage, time users x 8hrs day. My issue is when I have several issue on same day x number of users. Example 100 percent impact 6 users but I have another issue x also 100 impact. My work around could of been I went to new work list where I found 2nd issue. How can I calculate issue each day but not double dipping or how can I explain my work around is I went to new work list
Solved by T. S. in 17 mins