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hi i have a set of data in excel where the values are in vertical alignment with repeated number and not repeated text now i want test to be arranged in horizontal sequence with number deleted
Solved by F. F. in 18 mins
How to convert multiple vertical rows into horizontal column in excel?
Solved by E. U. in 12 mins
I have a spreadsheet to track Options Trades in the stock market. When I place a trade I get a copy of the order in the form of a string of text. (SOLD -1 VERTICAL NFLX 100 21 SEP 18 300/295 PUT @.76 CBOE). I need to use a formula to bread this text into individual columns showing the following: SOLD (transaction type) 1 (quantity of order) VERTICAL (type option) NFLX (Symbol) 100(# of shares in contract) 21 SEP 18 (Date of expiration) 300/295 (Cost of Vertical spread, two prices of $300 and $295 PUT(either a PUT or CALL) @.76 (Net debit or credit) CBOE (handling agent of transaction)
Solved by G. Y. in 20 mins
In Excel 2010, I want the vertical row to be filterable instead of the horizontal row. Thanks!
Solved by T. W. in 30 mins
Hi, I need to link cells with vertical data horiziontally in excel. I need the link, and not paste value. Can you help.
Solved by D. D. in 26 mins