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I have somehow turned off the option to scroll through cells, now when i scroll it just moves the page instead clicking through single cells. How do i turn this off?
Solved by G. F. in 20 mins
I am using Excel 2016 and I think i accidentally turned on scroll-lock or soemthing because my "end key" doesn't work anymore. Can you tell me how to fix?
Solved by G. F. in 19 mins
My formula bar expanded to cover the entire page and I cannot get it to minimize without turning off the bar.
Solved by S. E. in 29 mins
I WANT index and match help get the target as per the option selected by drop down. also i need to lock the scroll which wil no get change in other computers
Solved by A. A. in 18 mins
My conditional formatting is not showing up right away. If I scroll the field with conditional formatting off the page and then scroll back to it, the conditional formatting will work. What is causing this to happen? It was working fine yesterday.
Solved by F. A. in 11 mins