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I want to sum a range of cells whose values fall before a date that is contained in another cell. I've used sumif function - it accepts the date if I enter it directly in the criteria (eg =SUMIF(D3:F7,"<31/12/18",F3:F7) but if I enter the cell reference to the date (eg =SUMIF(D3:F7,"<A1",F3:F7) where cell A1 contains the date 31/12/18) it doesn't work.
Solved by M. W. in 18 mins
need help with sumif formula with multiple levels
Solved by Z. W. in 26 mins
=SUMIF function wouldn't work on one criteria, whereas it counts with the others with the same formulas (different names) E.g: =SUMIF(D1:D28;"Dell";U1:U28) works and gives values =SUMIF(D1:D28;"Morpho";U1:U28) gives 0
Solved by O. Y. in 25 mins
Problem with SUMif Confusion with usage and data tables.
Solved by C. H. in 14 mins
I have a table of checks with a date in column A and an amount in B. I want formulas to sum by year. =SUMIF(YEAR(A1:A10),2017,B1:B10) gives an error. If I add a column C with =YEAR(A1:A10) then =SUMIF(C1:C10),2017,B1:B10) works. Why? Better way short of a pivot table?
Solved by V. D. in 19 mins