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5 goggle individual google sheets are there .. One sheet contain marketing students attendance one sheet contain general paper all student attendance, other 3 sheet contain HR paper, finance paper and system paper attendance. Now I want to compile the overall attendance. Problems are there only. Because few students have marketing with HR few have marketing with finance or finance with system etc. Means there are m:n combination. Now if any one help me how I can solve the problem
Solved by E. E. in 18 mins
If column G returns "REMEDIATION ELA", I need it to return columns A and B into a separate sheet. Columns A and B are student last and first names. Column G tells me if student needs ELA remediation. I'm trying to create an attendance list for the teacher.
Solved by O. J. in 28 mins
I have an excel sheet "A" with a column that ID's students with a student number and contains columns with grading data. I have another excel sheet 'B" that ID's students with their student number also with grading data in other columns. I would like to use excel sheet "A" to auto populate grading data into excel sheet "B" based on the matching student ID numbers.
Solved by M. J. in 21 mins
I have a Excel sheet with student data and that is source. I want sheet2 with student info who had tagged as customize in sheet1
Solved by M. C. in 24 mins
Apply Conditional Formatting rules to satisfy the following conditions: a. All instances of non-attendance during weeks 1 – 11 should be red b. All instances of attendance during weeks 1 – 11 should be green Document title 4104COMP Coursework 1 Ref Revision 1.0 Author CD c. All instances in columns AS1 – AS3 whereby a student has failed an individual assignment (i.e. mark is below 40) should be red d. All instances whereby a student has achieved an overall average of less than 40 should be grey
Solved by E. A. in 24 mins