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What is the difference in standard error between NY and LA students given the confidence level for the mean expected is 90% with kth largest of 5. pls help
Solved by V. Y. in 30 mins
I'm trying to find the mean,range,mode and standard deviation of a sample. Basic statistics in Excel
Solved by B. W. in 25 mins
An F- distribution has a mean of 8.48 and a standard deviation of 2.91. Use the Chebyshev’s Theorem to find the proportion of observations you would expect to find within two standard deviations from the mean.
Solved by F. B. in 15 mins
Here's the question, ''for participants estimates for the jar with 100 jelly beans calculate and present the mean, median, ​and standard deviation. In addition, calculate the proportion of estimates that were closer than the mean to the correct answer.'' I've already calculated the mean, median and standard deviation but don't know how to do the 2nd part of the question, which is the proportion part.
Solved by B. H. in 25 mins
How to calculate Mean, Standard deviation and Variance excel
Solved by G. L. in 26 mins