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I need to sort a pivot table in the "Rows" quadrant. In my Pivot Table the only row that allows me to sort is the first column in the Rows Quadrant. Ideally, I need to sort on all of the rows.
Solved by T. A. in 15 mins
Change the order of sort in a pivot table (for months)
Solved by X. W. in 15 mins
Is it possible to sort a pivot table by a field that is included in the data source table but one that is not included in the pivot table itself? If the answer to this is 'no' then alternatively is their a way of including it (to be able to sort by it) and then hiding it as it is not needed in the pivot table (except only to be able sort by it - if you see what I mean)!
Solved by S. Q. in 27 mins
Sort by Pivot Table Row Grand Total column
Solved by I. E. in 18 mins
Have an existing pivot table that lists columns of data but also need users to be able to enter comments next to each row of data in this pivot table. What I need to do is add a text column within the pivot table that users can enter comments directly. This text column also needs to be able to sort with the excisitng pivot table.
Solved by D. S. in 23 mins