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printing excel spreadsheet wording looks too small
Solved by Z. Y. in 18 mins
Is there anyway I can easily raise the first character as capital and small characters on the others instead of Upper and lower function?
Solved by D. Y. in 23 mins
Is there a small manual, I can download, for Excel on my IPhone.
Solved by O. Q. in 29 mins
I have a column of names that contain both blanks and repeated names, for example: Tom Frank Joe Tom Alice Jeff Frank I want a function that will return each name in alphabetical order, for instance using the above data: SMALL(COLUMN ABOVE, 1)="Alice" SMALL(COLUMN ABOVE, 2)="Frank" etc. Basically what Small does on integers, but for Text.
Solved by F. J. in 21 mins
I am using the map chart function on Excel and certain text wont show on one of the states as the shape size is too small. How do I make it so that I can read the full text on the state instead of "4..."
Solved by F. H. in 12 mins